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Saturday, December 17, 2016

A blessed Saturday ...

We have snow ... and *lots* of it {insert big smile :-D}
twinkle lights are strung in my Sparrow Studio which is warm and cozy ...
bees wax candles are lit on my studio altar ...
I am glancing  out the window watching flakes dance about outside
It is getting late and I can see the reflection of my studio  in the glass ♥
time to pull the drapes ...
Christmas carols are playing ... I am singing along ...
new paintings are sitting on my Art table ...
Orders are being put together with love and gratitude
A blessed Saturday
{ little woven threads of life go into my paint brush}
Winter Warmth
The snow has just begun to fall ... soft flakes twirl in the air and land gently.
Not bothered by the weather, for she has the company of woodland animals to keep her warm in body and spirit.
Fox has wrapped himself around her neck like a stole and badger, curled up in her arms where she has tucked her hands into his lovely dense fur like a muff ♥ White bird sings.
Her deep connection to nature and every living creature is felt in this moment ~ each protecting one another.
Closing her eyes ... taking the moment in ... grateful for being part of each others life ... The connection ... caring ... for this gentle moment ♥

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