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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Uncondition love ... it's all wrapped up in you ♥

A few days ago, I sat at my art table with paper in front of me and a rough idea of what I wanted to paint.
Good friends of ours are going to join us in the "grandparent" club :-) and when their newest family member arrives, I wanted to give them something painted from the heart.
Mum gently hums a lullaby to her babe, nestled close to her, wrapped in a soft blanket. And as she rocks  back and forth she thinks of the pure unconditional love she has for her child.  With the moon as their night light and a sky filled with stars ... so many hopes and dreams come to mind ... and so many stars to wish upon.
On my art table I keep lots of sentimental items and it just so happens that one of my children's nappy pins {32 years old } was sitting in a jar as I painted ~ and it seemed perfect that it should find it's way into this painting which is all about unconditional love.


Country Gal said...

Such lovely work . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Blondie's Journal said...

I love this, Deb. It really speaks to me at this time in my life.

I was recent;y changing little Madelyn's diaper yesterday, and I thought of the first few weeks that I tried cloth diaper and those pins 29 years ago. I remember my mother running them through her hair to collect oils and make them slide better through the fabric (must be a memory from my younger sisters...I surely wouldn't remember!). I tried the cloth diapers but Emily only weighed 5 pounds and the diapers and rubber pants were too huge. How convenient those disposable diaper were and are! :)

Lovely painting!

Jane x

Deb said...

hello Elaine ~ thank you so much! hope you are having a wonderful week with Miggs ... any snow?

Deb said...

thank you Jane ~ so many sweet memories ... my babies were 9/3 & 9/10 so lots of baby to bundle :-) I made all my own cloth diapers and remember my clothes line (which went from one end of my garden to the other) being filled with lovely white nappies daily ♥

Mandy said...

Lovely piece. I think it's wonderful that your child's nappy pin made it into your painting. :) How sweet and meaningful! :)

Deb said...

thank you Mandy & Justin ~ for your visit and lovely comment ♥ hope you stop by again!