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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

After putting out the Hummingbird feeders ...
and filling them with sugar water ... cleaning ... re filling ...
over and over with no visitors ...
a very welcomed little feathered friend stopped by today and made my heart swell with joy!
I was sitting outside with Archer, a fresh mug of tea, and a finished piece of art , planning on adding some white ink embellishments.  The feeders were busy with Cardinals, Sparrows were on the ground nibbling some bread I had tossed out earlier, a Woodpecker was hanging from the suet basket and I was enjoying the Autumn like temps.
When all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of  a green flicker.
My IPad was inside ... my camera upstairs ... so I decided to simply savour this moment ... one I had waited ALL Summer long for.
He traveled from one Trumpet to another, and at one point flew into our flowering pear and sat preening for a while.  Oh the beauty ♥
Once he flew away, I headed inside for my IPad and waited.
I managed to snap a few photos {one I posted on Instagram}
Later in the day, I was letting Archer outside and who should be in the Trumpet vine again ?
Hummer had returned.  I grabbed my camera this time.  While I waited for him to fly close enough to get a {fairly} decent picture, I took one of this lovely big bumble ... they love the vines too.  Around this time of year, the garden is a bit wild looking, but the bees and birds are loving it ... and everything grown is for them... so we just simply let it be {let it bee} :-)
And then ... I think I finally got the capture I was hoping for ♥
A flash of harmless lightning
A mist of rainbow dyes
The burnished sunbeams brightening
from flower to flower
he flies
~John Banister Tabb~


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh my gosh...the little guy loves you!!! I would be so elated. I'm not having much luck with my hummingbird feeder but I'll be patient!

Love you on Instagram...hope to get around to more blogs as I heal.

Jane x

Jeanne said...

My hummingbird feeders have been emptied over and over again all summer. How happy I am your little friend came to visit your flowers
Thanks for all you share
Love Jeanne

Mereknits said...

Such gorgeous photos my friend, I bet the Hummer is back today.
Hugs to you and Archer,

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...precious. Capturing a hummingbird with my camera would be a dream of a lifetime for me!!!

Jane xxx

Deb said...

hello jane ~ I've waited so long that he took me by surprise :-) Still not interest at the feeders, but he sure did love the Trumpet vine! Thank you for all your Instagram ♥ love

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ oh lucky you!! have you taken any photos?
Happy September ♥

Deb said...

Hi Meredith ~ thank you so much. hope he will return ♥ hugs to you xo

Deb said...

jane ~ I was able to take photos of the hummers at the cottage but not here at home so it was a thrill ♥