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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Woodland Whispers ...

We took a train ride over the weekend
where one of the stops let you out for ice cream
and a walk through the rock garden and frog pond ♥
looking for frogs :-)
purple iris beauty
birds butterflies and bugs
standing quietly listening to the sounds of Nature
to the Woodland Whispers


Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos Deb.

Julie Marie said...

How beautiful this all looks Deb... Jack (and I) would love the train ride!... such peace and serenity in your photos... sigh... xoxo...

Deb said...

thank you Meredith ♥

Deb said...

hi Julie marie ~ yes, you and Jack would love this area ~ we are a family of train lovers ... our favourite method of travel ♥

Jeanne said...

I love all of your postings and your art work
Blessings my lovely friend

Deb said...

thank you Jeanne for your friendship and kindness ♥