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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rich in colour ...

Happy July
 Happy Canada Day!
I spent some of this past long Canada Day weekend sitting quietly in Sparrow Studio with an assortment of acrylics. Something I haven't done in 12 years ~ something I once loved to do {folk art painting was a passion of mine after spending a year in Michigan}. 
 It was one of many things that left my list following my accident.
When I picked up my watercolours again for the first time, I remember there were lots of aches and pains, but the thought of painting and using another medium took over my sensibilities.
And then of course, my fortune cookie after  our  delicious Chinese dinner read
"Your dream life is rich. Listen to your dreams"
so what was I to do!
While out looking for watercolour paper a while ago I spotted stretched canvas and thought maybe I should try acrylics again. The canvas have been waiting patiently against the wall for a while now enticing me with blank white beauty.
I should have started small :-)
but I've had this idea for a painting for a while & couldn't wait to see it come to life.
I rarely sketch an entire painting in my sketch book, instead will refer to pages I have and incorporate them into a painting.
With so many ideas, I covered a 16" x 20" canvas with owls and sparrows and sleeping fox, wild meadow flowers and butterflies, a big gazing moon and dark blue star sparkling sky that shares the space with billowing clouds... I needed to turn to a big canvas {thankfully, I decided not to go with the biggest one I have}!
 from the gentleness of the tiniest sparrow
to the free spirit of the butterfly
& lots in between ...
that blank white canvas beauty is now rich in colour.
as is our garden...
the daisies bloomed a few days ago
both arbours are filled with clematis
patches of yarrow share the space with stalks of tall purple larkspur
red geraniums are everywhere
still hoping to lure the hummingbirds {and hopefully get a picture}
sweet boy was interested in the lillies
and even our lunch was rich in colour.
We roasted beets and sliced them on top of an arugula salad with walnuts, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries, topped with feta cheese & made a Kale & walnut pesto to spread on slices of baguette. YUM!


Julie Marie said...

Oh Deb!... your painting looks and sounds so beautiful!... all of the special things in life we love so much... I am happy you are painting in acrylics again as well as your stunning watercolors... so pretty!... and your garden!... love your Clematis and especially those bright red geraniums... I hope you get your hummers soon and can capture one in a photo... love Archer "taking time to smell the flowers"... "woof" from his girl Tessy... and your lunch looks delish... so nice for these hot July days... Happy Canada Day (yesterday) to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

La Table De Nana said...

Every snippet of what you painted looks beautiful!
I recently took out my tole painting days acrylics too:)
I hold onto many things..some are so dried out I had to throw them away..
We have the same things blooming:)

June said...

The colors in this post are beautiful Deb! Your canvas must be amazing! I can only imagine what a sight it is to see the entire canvas. I also love the bright blooms in your garden. It is a wonderful time of year in the garden right now, isn't it?
sending hugs...

Deb said...

hi Julie marie ~ thank you ... yes, all the things we love on one canvas ♥
archer finds his way into most photos as he is forever by my side :-)
no more hummer sightings ... still hoping.

Deb said...

hello Monique ~ thank you ♥
everything is in bloom in the garden now & it is quite a colourful quilt in the garden :-)will make for some nice little indoor bouquets.

Deb said...

hello june ~ thank you ♥ will take the full canvas photo soon :-)
hugs to you xo

prairiegirl said...

Summer! Color! Owls & butterfly's!
Covering a canvas with all these marvelous creatures, and painting with so many fun colors. You MUST be having a spectacular summer.
I am in awe of your ideas and results, always.

Deb said...

hi lynn ~ thank you for your visit & kind comment ♥ hope you are having a spectacular summer also xo