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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

What a wonderful surprise I had the other day, when I found the latest Stampers' Sampler
magazine poking out of my mailbox.
A few of my watercolour envelopes were inside.
I love creating these ~ they are super easy and make sending a note to a friend & loved one just that little bit more special ♥
All you need are a few Manila envelopes, watercolours & favourite stamps. I use the pages of damaged books that I've picked up at garage sales and charity shops to create in a lot of my art work, and for the envelopes, they were turned into flower petals, leaves  and hearts :-D
Embellish with some ribbon and buttons and slip a lovely handwritten note inside xo
I am so Thankful to  have my work published in this amazing magazine! 
can transform
common days
routine jobs
into joy
and change
ordinary opportunities
into blessings
~William Arthur Ward~


libbyquilter said...

your envelopes are totally fabulous~!


Mereknits said...

How fun!!!!! Sending you a big congrats.

Monica said...

OOOOHHH how wonderful!!!! These are fabulous, Deb! Your family must be so happy receiving them with a love message tucked away inside!
Monica and Kim xoxox

Kay Ellen said...

Congrats on having your art published...so pretty.

Stampington & Company is such a creative magazine, I just love how they support the artful & creative community,,,

Have a blessed weekend,

Kay Ellen

Deb said...

Thank you Libby! I so appreciate your sweet comment.

Thanks Meredith for all your kind support.

Thank you Monica ~ yes ... there have been LOTS of these decorated envelopes given over the years :-)

Thank you Kay Ellen ~ I agree, Stampington & Company publish the most inspirational magazines & are so supportive. Wishing you a Blessed Weekend as well ♥

millefeuilles said...

Hello! This is my first visit here and I am in awe, first of all, of your stunning header. This is a true autumnal celebration. Speaking of which; a huge congratulations (from France) for your work being published. It's a great feeling, isn't it?


ps I'm off to follow you. Hurray!