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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Receptacle ...

Ah ... September.
Moving into my favourite season ~ Autumn.
This past weekend, we were at a Craft Show and spotted PUMPKINS at each fruit stand we passed ♥
The garden urns have had their Summer plants removed and replaced with Burgundy Chrysanthemums. I am just itching to get out the Scarecrows & decorate the wheel barrow with bales of hay & stalks of corn :-) 
We also went to see WAR HORSE - the most magnificent show I've seen in a long time! Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, I am looking forward to reading the book.
I've had horses on the brain ever since & was thrilled to find a lovely rusty horseshoe for sale at the craft show.  Not sure where to hang it yet, maybe on the fireplace mantle with the open side upward for luck :-)
We  saw "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" at the movies.  I loved this movie. It was sweet and funny and you left the theater feeling good.  The cinematography was stunning!

 This gorgeous spiders web was created on our front porch.
What a work of art!
The artist
is a receptacle
for the emotions that come
from all over the place:
from the sky,
from the Earth,
from a scrap of paper,
from a passing shape,
from a
Spider's web.
~Pablo Picasso~


Jeanne said...

I love your photographs and all of your quotes and verses and postings.
I always leave smiling.

Love Jeanne♥

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos as always, love the web, you got the light behind it just perfectly. I have not been to the movies forever, it sounds like a nice treat.

Inger Marie said...

Lovly foto :)
Have a nice evening:))

Q said...

Happy September!
Just planted our cole crops!
Rain is forecasted and a cool down. I am awaiting Autumn too. We put up our scarecrow and I did up pots of mums for the Harvest Table.
I love Autumn too.
I am on sabbatical but wanted to stop by
and say, "Hi!"
It is apple time!

Deb said...

Thank you so much Jeanne, Meredith, Sherry & Inger Marie ♥

Inger Marie said...

Hello Deb:)
I`m sorry about translate-botton....the botton is now in place and you are welcom too joyn my giveaway:))

So butiful poem and foto:))
Have a nice weekend:))

Kelly said...

I love the quote it's beautiful! And this summer loving girl is enjoying September herself... it was a hot one in Utah this summer. Yesterday it rained and it was like a big glad sigh had settled over town. I hope it has cooled off for you too!