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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summertime ...

and the livin' is easy ...

{photo of my clothesline using texture by Kim Klassen}
I am thankful

for a lawn that needs mowing

windows that need cleaning

and gutters that need fixing

because it means

I have a home.

I am thankful

for the pile of laundry

and ironing

because it means

my loved ones

are nearby.

~Nancie J Carmody~


WhiteWhispers2u said...

G'day~A note to say Hello! Thanks for the visit.I thought I would stop by for one myself.

I just got my textured background from Kim and can't wait to play with them.Your photo looks great!

I too am very grateful for what we have.Times are tough and may get a lot tougher.

Great post, thanks.~Cheers Km

Ms. ~K said...

Love the textured background...

Great photo of Ernie! Was Kate serving wine to the pooches, chuckle!

Donna said...

So nice for Ernie to have playmates. Love the clothesline photo, and the poem.

Glad to hear you're enjoying your summer!


Darlene said...

Ernie and Cocoa are just too CUTE!! Looks like Ernie was tuckered out after some playing....lol.

I love that poem and it is soooo true!

Life With Dogs said...

The living is easy as long as the AC stays on! :)

Q said...

I am wishing for rain so I have a lawn to mow!
Cute photographs. Hope you had fun poking about!