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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Word A Week Wednesday...

Knowing how much I love letters & numbers written on pottery etc... my daughter found this wonderful hand for me a while ago. I have it displayed on a book shelf in the kitchen & it makes the perfect recipe holder :-)
Well loved recipes that I will never part with even though I know them by heart...
some of my older recipe books have little scribbles and drawings on them ... notes written by my children while they helped me bake ...
those are my favourites ♥

When baking
follow directions.
When cooking
go by your own taste.
~Laiko Bahrs~


Unknown said...

Deb your daughter's taste in gifts is too good to be true.
I have some very crusty, hard to read recipe cards that mean the world to me. Some written by relatives and friends now gone. When I get them out to read, I am drawn to another time, a time when I actually cooked for a large family and loved every second of it.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures as usual.
hugs to you from here

Q said...

I too have old recipes written by my Mother and my husband's Grandmother that I treasure. Some are framed....
Kate is a darling! Wonderful hand.