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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Art and Seek 2021

~ dancing her way toward the garden ~ 

At the beginning of the month of June I heard about an art project called Art and Seek 2021.

The idea was one that intrigued me. Artists from all over Canada would leave a piece(s) of their original art out in a public space where they lived/created for someone to find on July 1 st.  A few days before, clues would be left for those interested in this art scavenger hunt.

Artists leaving little gifts as a token of community * kindness * unity * all appealed to me and so I signed up. The last time I checked, over 100 artists from across Canada were participating.
I knew exactly where my art pieces would be "hidden"

Both were wrapped in tissue paper with twine and tucked into their own little brown paper bag with all the information about Art and Seek 2021 written on the front.  Each was then placed in a plastic bag for protection as it was raining in the morning and spitting as I walked to the park with both parcels to drop off at 7:30am 
Dancing her way toward the garden went to the community garden
and Serenity was left at the entrance of the labyrinth
I hope they bring much joy to those who find them!
I bumped into a few neighbours and fellow dog walkers who wondered what I was doing :-)

"Oh, just hiding free art for art and seek"

 "We need ART

 because it moves us

 the same way it moves others

 who are nothing like us

 except the way

 their hearts split open

 which in the end

 is all the likeness

 that counts" 

-Samantha Reynolds-

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