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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

WIP ....

I thought it would be fun to show how one of my horses comes to life and work in progress before I went any further. Normally I get so absorbed into painting that I don't stop to think about taking photos along the way.

Using one of my painting boards (the re-cycled cardboard that I keep on my desk underneath paper as I paint) the painting reveals itself and  I just begin there .... 

I think I've only painted one of these recycled boards that wasn't a horse .... that one became an Owl
As soon as the eye appears, the story begins ... the unfolding ... 

A new story to be told .... a new painting to unfold 
I love all the layers that are already there .... paint splatters, pen testing, and on this board, a stamp as I tried out some ink. It will now become part of the painting tucked underneath layers.

"When you hear hoof beats,

think horses, not zebras"

~Chloe Benjamin~


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