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Monday, March 25, 2019

Unconditional love...

~In an Orb of Our Own~

Mother and child intertwined amongst an orb of grapevine.  Through the twists and turns of vine, there is no sign of where it begins, nor where it ends,
much like the deep unbreakable bond between Mother and child.

As in many of my paintings, a small red heart hangs from one of the branches - representing unconditional love.
The tiniest little yellow heart rests on babies forehead.
May it be called a nest, web, little cave … we create our own nourishing spot to nurture life.
A small nest of blue eggs rests amongst Mother and child.
Love and life are all around.
The blue orb colour represents ::tranquility::protection :: intuition:: guardian angel::

#16 in my ©Women of the Woods Series

Just wanted to mention that I will be putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode  mid April as I will be spending the month of May in England :-D 

~have a wonderful week~
d x

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