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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

yin ~ yang ...

~gently now~
in this space
filled with grace
I stand
holding your precious life
in my hands

when the time comes
branches will be waiting nearby
with new found bravery
wings you will try

in trepidation
you may pause
asking "but how?"
and I will softly whisper
"gently … now" x

...tis the human touch in this world that counts , the touch of your hand in mine ...
thoughts of nature and balance and connection
the yin and yang, opposites attract, interconnection, 
the feminine and masculine, treading gently  and
holding space
some beautiful glass from yesterdays beach walk...

soft warm sand between my toes *a family of sandpipers { I hadn't realized just how gorgeous they are until seeing them up close & very friendly} *the hum of waves *seagulls flying overhead* red winged blackbirds singing their beautiful song* bees & Monarchs enjoying milkweed * blue skies & warm breeze , beach glass gathering as I walked { I found some 'new to me ' colours}* pretty pieces of pottery * unusual stones & hearts galore ~ a beautiful way to start the week
I bring them home and sit
with my tea
and mindfully take each piece out of my gathering bag
and place them on my coffee table
I found lots of beautiful heart shaped stones …
they don't all come home with me
I know there are other beach combers who will be happy to find some
love from the lake :-D 
but this one … well it spoke to me
some of the lovely smaller pieces of glass I found in gorgeous shades
… stones with heart shapes inside them
& a yin yang stone
often described in terms of sunlight playing over a mountain or valley ~ I love that description x

"all things carry yin
and embrace yang.
they reach harmony
by blending with the vital breath"
"the yin and yang
 are opposite forces.
yet, they exist together 
in the harmony
of a perfect orb"
~R.A. Wise~


Lisa at Greenbow said...

A lovely collection from your walk. I have never been to an area that has so much glass like this. I live in a land locked area. That sort of glass would be a treasure to me. The heart rock is quite the find too. Lovely art too.

Deb said...

hi Lisa ~ thank you for your lovely comment
The funny thing is, when ever I was on holidays and by the water, I would go searching for glass (I have a small canning jar filled with "holiday glass") … never did I realize that I had so much right under my nose :-D

I've always collected heart shaped "anything/everything" x
Have a wonderful weekend!