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Monday, January 29, 2018

gathering beach glass ...

the weather this past weekend was amazing ...
it felt more like the beginning of Spring than January 
{snowing today ;-D)
I spent most of Sunday outdoors ...
early in the morning, Archer & I headed to the woods
and later,  in the afternoon - the beach
the water was calm 
sparrows chirped happily 
and I walked ... 
finding treasures along the way 
lots and lots of beach glass had been washed up ...
in so many lovely shades ...
and sizes ...
that happily went into my gathering bag ...
it was only when I arrived home that I realized how much I had gathered...
(last photo) :-D
I looked up to spot a heart in the clouds x
sweet little Inukshuk statues were spotted here and there ...
"The wild woman
walks in the forest,
or by the sea
speaking intimately with the animals of the Earth itself.
She dances barefoot
in the rain,
singing the melody of her own joy.
She travels her own pathways in life.
She always trusts her instincts.
This clarity comes naturally to her.
She is what she needs to be.
She is a 
wild, joyous, life force.
She is within you,
She is within me.
She is free.
She herself is a living tribute to synchronicity.
For the wild woman
is wise enough to know
this path is much more than just a life choice.
It is a necessary synchronicity"


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I so agree it is a need to get out in nature. It keeps One's spirit high especially with the highs and lows of weathers. What fun to find sea glass. You have a special collection no doubt.

Deb said...

hi Lisa - collecting the glass has become such a lovely bonus to walking along the beach ... I certainly didn't think I would be doing it in January, but so happy I decided to go on Sunday as Monday brought with it a lovely day of constant snow fall :-D. Have a wonderful day x