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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

On a hot July afternoon

It has been a hot July thus far
and we now have a heat advisory in effect
with the days ahead to be hotter & hotter
with the humidity
so I thought I would post some lovely butterfly photos
some new and others from my archives
butterflies & coneflowers = love ♥
the butterflies have been seen taking gentle sips of water from the birdbaths in our garden
which we have been changing the water in multiple times throughout the day.
with such beauty & inspiration
it always spills into art.
I wrapped a little parcel  in vintage dress makers pattern paper, fabric rosette, a few burlap leaves and a butterfly tag I cut out from cardstock and stamped.
wrapped & given with love
~garden grace~
Happiness is a butterfly
which when pursued
is always
just beyond your grasp
but which
if you sit down quietly
may alight upon you.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne~
Yesterday, while butterfly watching, the sweetest baby Cardinal flew into our Lilac bush next to where I was standing. We have enjoyed watching Mr and Mrs Cardinal at our feeders ... he often feeding her which is always the loveliest thing to witness ... {and pulling apart the cocoa lining of our hanging baskets for their nest. And then, this sweet little one began to sing as I spoke to her. I was surprised that she stayed as long as she did, but she turned her body to look directly at me as she sang ... my own little messenger bird :-)♥


Blondie's Journal said...

Delightful post, Deb! Your photos of the butterflies are fantastic...so pretty. I had no idea they drank water from the birdbaths! I'm very good about keeping mine filled, I need to keep a closer look to spot one!

So sweet that the cardinal serenaded you---they must surely know a good soul when they see one! :)


Deb said...

thanks dear Jane ♥ always so nice to see you have stopped by to visit xo