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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

One day 25 years ago, I was walking through a Nursery at the end of Summer.
Pushed to one side was a "final sale" spot which is where I spotted our Lilac.
It was looking a bit worse for wear after a few months no doubt of hot humid Summer days, little water (and then too much all at once), and quite a bit of handling.
If memory serves me ... it was priced at the final sale of $1.99
It came home with me and I knew exactly where it would be planted.
We have a spot next to the stairs of our cedar deck that I thought would be perfect.
Imagining big lush blooms of lilac that would hang over the our kitchen window.
I would hang bird feeders on it's branches and sit with my tea watching the birdies come and go throughout the day.
Over these 25 years it has done all of that and more.
Big lush blooms in the Spring ~ I open up the kitchen windows and it perfumes the entire house.
I snip a few branches off for inside and have mini vases scattered here and there.
We have two suet baskets, a bird feeder, an apple holder and a peanut holder hanging from the branches.
I love to sit with my tea at the kitchen window
and watch all the comings and goings of birds and squirrels.
Over the years, the squirrels have nibbled at the branches, sharpening their teeth.
Some of the branches have broken with ice storms and high winds.
The blooms aren't as many or as big as they once were and the scent has faded.
But my Lilac is one of those " Thankful for " mentions.
I've been able to look at birds close up & really admire their beauty.
And I am pretty sure the birds and squirrels are Thankful for it too ♥
Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday xo


Seawashed said...

Your new blog banner sure is lovely. I am forever thankful for nature. I can never get enough of it. I used to want to live in the wilderness with very little. But then I had children and well it is much more difficult to convince my family to follow me into the forest to live. So I have had to plant and grow gardens...lots of trees, wherever we have lived as a way of bringing natures creatures to me. I still wish I could live in the forest near the sea...maybe I will someday. For now I will be thankful! like you, for the birds that surround me.

Jeanne said...

How lovely are lilacs and all your beautiful postings
Much love and many blessings

Julie Marie said...

Such a beautiful post Deb, both your photos and the precious story behind your Lilac... I hope you will post some blooms in the Spring... Lilacs are one of my very favorites of all... and it looks like the Squirrels and birdies think so too... xoxo... Julie Marie

Deb said...

Hello Kerrie ~ I feel the same as you ... must be outside with Nature. If we can't be in the forest we must "plant and grow" as you say where we are ♥

Deb said...

hi Jeanne ~ thank you for visiting ... won't be long and the lilacs will be in bloom :-D

Deb said...

hi Julie Marie ~ I hope our old lilac will produce blooms again this year - she's gone through so much ♥