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Friday, October 3, 2014

in the morning ...

the flowers reach for the sun ...
a fresh block of suet & filling up the feeders is sure to bring the birds
 (chippies and squirrels too)
I like to have candles burning
first thing in the morning & throughout the evening
rain is in the forecast for later in the afternoon, so I picked some of the cosmos which are tall and so lovely, for a kitchen table bouquet ♥
I think just about every bowl is filled with acorns :-)
Every woodland walk with my grandson ( who loves acorns as much as I do)
has found us returning home with bags full.
We have very happy squirrels and chippies thanks to them too.
Last weekend, I laid out gorgeous bundles of oak leaves that had clusters of acorns attached on our deck only to find them all removed, caps left :-)
hexagon blanket is getting bigger and bigger ...
a little fox has found his way amongst the blanket
working on an acorn today
snips of wool made for a lovely little acorn nest
positive thought in the morning
can change
your whole day


Julie Marie said...

Beautiful Deb!... are you selling the little acorn nests in your Etsy shop?... if so, I want to order one!... Tessy sends her love to Archer (she told the world she is his girl in a post of mine!)... Happy Autumn weekend to you, xoxo... Julie Marie

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! Yup raining and windy down here in southwestern Ontario to . I also have my feeders full and suet's up ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

La Table De Nana said...

I have never thought of lighting a candle in the morning:)
Love that~
And the blanket and the fox..and the cosmos(next year) as for acorns..I love them too.. but we get a lot..in the front..our neighbors oak hangs over..and when the squirrels start their frenzy..that's what happens..stalks w/ full acorns and then they go wild and the tops come off..
Takes very little time really to rake them up..it's nature..and I think they are so darn cute too..
Rain tomorrow here..
Have a nice weekend:)

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the earthiness of fall and I know you do,too! How fun to share your outings with your grandson!

Happy Autumn, Deb! :)


Lynda said...

It's rare to find a whole acorn around here! :) the squirrels and chippies get to them first. That's so cute that they enjoyed yours from your display. I know you didn't mind at all. :)

Enjoy this lovely weekend, Deb! I think Fall has arrived! xo

Deb said...

happy autumn weekend Julie marie ♥
your tessy/archer post was adorable xo
wish I could send you an acorn nest ...sadly I can't send acorns in the post (will email you letting you know how I make them).

Deb said...

hi Elaine
sounds as though you have happy birdies in your garden :-D
have a wonderful weekend ♥

Deb said...

hello Monique,
I am an early riser, and find the candles are company ♥
I understand your acorn/squirrel story. The garden in our first home had walnut trees & with a new baby, I would hang out lovely white flannel diapers to dry on the line, only to find the squirrels dropping off walnut peel onto the laundry ... I can still remember pulling in the line :-D

Deb said...

hi jane,
yes, I think that is the love of Autumn ... as you called it "the earthiness" ... love that ♥

Jeanne said...

Beautiful photographs and quote......I love all you share.


Deb said...

hi Lynda,
little acorn caps are scattered all through the lawn ... but I have an idea for them too :-D
it feels like fall today doesn't it ~ lovely and brisk & sunny ~ enjoy xo

Mereknits said...

Your acorns are much bigger than ours, frankly ours look anemic. The caps on yours are so big, I think you need to save them and make little felted acorns to go tuck under them.

Deb said...

hello Meredith,
isn't it funny how things are a bit different ... nice really. it's the same with our birds.
I have plans for all those acorn caps left by the squirrels :-)