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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To be rooted ...

Over wintering Geranium ...
One morning, in early November, I took a few stem cuttings from the Geranium growing in a big clay pot in our garden.  I placed the cuttings in a vase of water and gave it a nice sunny spot on the window ledge.  Apart from changing the water every few days, I literally forgot about it.
Now, I have a vase filled with lovely strong roots and the sweetest little red blooms :-)
To be rooted
is perhaps the most important
and least recognized need
of the human soul
~Simone Weil~


Julie Marie said...

So pretty Deb, and so much fun to do... are those Coleus or geraniums?... xoxo Julie Marie

Kelly said...

My grandmother used to root geraniums on her windowsill. She always had the windowsill filled with clay pots of geraniums. I remember laying on her daybed in the kitchen and looking out over the geraniums onto her farmland and the ndighboring cows. Thanks for bringing back such lovely memories.