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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

There are so many gorgeous wrapping papers on the market ...
and ribbons
and bows
and tags ...
but I still love the simplicity of
plain brown wrapping paper
bakers twine
and treasures from nature.
topped with a special
tea/coffee stained
hand stamped tag ...
sometimes a few candy canes...
I found the red and white tape at Ikea and I've been using it on everything :-)
wrapped up
with love ♥
Anything simple
always interests me
~David Hockley~
A heartfelt THANK YOU  for your lovely comments & sweet e-mails on my last post.
I appreciate each and every one so very much xo


Inger Marie said...

Hello Deb:)
I love your nature-lok wrapping!
So nice:)
A lovly eavning:))

Julie Marie said...

So pretty Deb... I put some of those little rustic jingle bells on my country kitchen tree... simple IS better... I feel like I went way overboard decorating again this year... it looks pretty... but I am making myself a promise for next year... Simplify!... and stick to it!... love how you are wrapping your packages!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jeanne said...

The sweet simple things of life are the very best of all.
Love you

A Nordic Heart said...

I like your personal touch in wrapping and decorating.
Kiss, Sonia

Nella Miller said...

Dear Deb, thank you for your visit and lovely comment today...I have just been perusing your lovely, sensitive and touching blog....your gentle soul and sensitive spirit is obvious through out ! I will be sure to follow along now that we have met! N.xo

Deb said...

Thank you Inger Marie, Julie Marie, Jeanne, Sonia & Nella for your kind comments ♥

Monica said...

Love to wrap in natural colors and craft paper and twine, and to add natural elements :)
Hugs to you!xo