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Sunday, December 11, 2011

3rd Advent...

3rd Advent ...
Sunday dinners call for pie :-)
Today's is apple.
One was set aside for the birds & squirrels.

I have a couple of these old portable mechanic lights. I keep string in one in my studio ~ perfect for wrapping gifts.
The other is outside hanging in our "bird feeding tree".
It's perfect for holding fruit ~ the back is covered, the birds can sit on the bars as they nibble at the fruit, and it already has a nice big hook at the top.
While I went outside this morning to take a photo, two little black capped chickadees flew to it :-)
sadly, I was zoomed in on the feeder and as I tried to adjust the lens, they were fluttering around from branch to branch.
The seed and suet isn't lasting very long and every feeder needed a refill this morning. I'll watch it today and see just how long it takes for them to empty.

If we try hard to bring happiness to others

we cannot stop it from coming to us also.

To get joy

one must give it

and to keep love

we must scatter it

~John Templeton~

Thank you to everyone that added a comment for my giveaway ♥

The Winner is ~ Donna (Otis & Riley). I will send you an email Donna.


Jeanne said...

Blessings and much love.
I love all you share.
Merry Christmas my friend.

Love Jeanne

Monica said...

What a clever idea for your feathered friends!
The pie looks yummy too.

Lori ann said...

congratulations to donna!
what a good idea for the bird feeder deb, and how sweet are you to make a pie for our bird friends. lovely.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a great way to recycle those old light covers.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh my, what a pretty pie!!!!

libbyquilter said...

love the bird feeder AND string keeper ideas for those lights~!!~

the pie looks yummy and for some reason i must go and make myself a cup of warm tea and see some more of your beautiful blog~(-;


Julie Marie said...

What a great idea for the birdies!... and your pie looks delish too!... xoxo Julie Marie

Havfruen said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.
You have a nice blog, with many nice pictures and good words.
Dogs are not our whole life, but They make our lives whole. ~ Roger Caras ~ I liked it:))
Wish you a lovely pre-Christmas:)
This is written with google translation, because my English is not good:)


Hi Deb,
Love your candles, string and brown paper with printed numbers.
Have a good day
xoxo Ingrid