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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

I LOVE snowy days that give me a good excuse to sit and tackle some unfinished projects.

It's -14C outside with the wind, but sunny and absolutely gorgeous looking outside from the kitchen window, with all the thick, white, freshly fallen snow from the past few days.
Anything with the written word on it makes my heart skip a beat :-) which is why I LOVE anything Emma Bridgewater !
My little Pencils & Pens case holds my favourite writing instruments and keeps them nice and tidy when I travel.
I LOVE the three little bird nests along the top, and how the Months of the year, and days of the week are elegantly printed.
Before ANYTHING gets started, first things first, and the kettle goes on :-)
Norah Jones is playing in the background which is making my little budgie Jax very happy!

I LOVE this cookbook (a lucky garage sale find) & today on my "to do" list, is to make a Red Velvet cake.

I was going to wait until Valentine's day to make it, but I think I will bake some chocolate brownies, cut them out with heart shaped cookie cutters and write little messages on them with white icing for the 14th ♥.
Organizing my "bird themed" photos is also on my list.

I LOVE this photo album

I hadn't realized how many photos of birds I'd taken until I gathered them up...

And speaking of birds, I've been wanting to sew a new cage cover for my little budgie Jax.
After all my purging, this is what's left in my fabric basket. I think, with careful measuring and cutting, that I will have just enough muslin to do the job.

I've sketched out the look I want and
hopefully, I will have enough strips to gather to create a little ruffle too.
First comes thought;

then organization of that thought,

into ideas and plans;


transformation of those plans into reality.

The beginning, as you will observe,

is in



~Napoleaon Hill~

***Hope your Thursday is filled with things you LOVE too ♥


Melinda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your bird photos are awesome! Thanks for the kind comments.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post, Deb. One of J's favorites is red velvet cake. I've never made one!

We had snow overnight and again this morning. This has been a very unusual winter in the St Louis area.

June said...

Deb, it sounds like a full day of LOVEs for you. I love your idea for making the heart brownies.
I am sure Jax will LOVE his new cage cover. It sounds so cute.
I LOVE your header Deb...it is beautiful.