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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarn Along...


 Finished knitting  Eli the Elephant & he is all ready for gift giving February 14th.  I know my hubby will find him as cute as I do ♥  The only thing I did different to the pattern was change the tail.  Instead of knitting it, I did a simple double row SC crochet which turned into a sweet little twirl on its own .
I added a little heart shawl (for those cold Winter nights) too.
I have some teeny little gold bells that I might sew on along the edge.
 Trying to "master colour knitting" so picked up this book from the Library.

On the needles now ~ Knitting lots and lots of little Hexagons to turn into a warm wintry throw.
Joining in with Yarn Along today.
Happy Knitting & Happy February 1st.


Ellen said...

Such a neat elephant pattern! Love his floppy ears.

steph said...

Ellie is absolutely the cutest ever!!!! And bells on her wrap-even better!

I've made one (1)!!! hexipuff. I don't think I'm hooked yet! Yours is looking cozy already!

Elisabeth said...

How cute! The little bells would be awesome. I should knit my husband something for Valentine's day. Thanks for inspiring!

Kristen said...

That elephant is darling! I love it! All four of my kiddos would adore him. Also, that hexagon throw is great!

Kristen said...

That elephant is just as cute as can be! All four of my kiddos would love it! Also, I can't wait to see how that hexagon throw turns out!

JNCL said...

ELI!!! OMG, I love him. He needs to come live with me TODAY! :)
The Beauty of Eclecticism

Lori ann said...

deb! your ellie is perfect, so adorable. you've really inspired me, i think i will have to make one too.
lovely hexagon blanket, are they hexipuffs?

Deb said...

Thanks Ellen, Steph, Elisabeth, kristen, JNCL & Lori. I think I will add the little bells to the shawl :-)
Lori ~ the hexagons aren't hexipuffs (but I love those too)just flat hexagons.

T's Daily Treasures said...

That little elephant is absolutely adorable. Looks like you hexagon throw is coming along nicely. Hope your day is great. Tammy

Inger Marie said...

Hello Deb:)
Tank you for your comments....make me happy:))
Åååå...I love Eli the Elephant:))) So

Deb said...

Hi Tammy ~ I've never done a hexagon blanket before - it is going to be HEAVY :-)
Thank you Inger Marie ♥

Cathy said...

Oh the elephant is just so sweet! And your hexagons look great... I've been wanting to try a hexagon throw. Perhaps next winter!

Kelly said...

What a darling little elephant,Deb. It reminds me of when Corbyn was born. He was born while we lived in the UK and I lived with a girlfriend while Mike was in the Gulf War. Nancy, my girlfriend, also became my labor coach and luckily she was an OB nurse at the base hospital. After Corbyn was born she brought me a stuffed elephant for him- we named her Ellie and it was four days befor Valentine's Day too!

Deb said...

Thank you Cathy. I sort of wish now I had made it a hexigon puff blanket ... next time :-)

Thanks for sharing this sweet story Kelly ... Do you still have Ellie?