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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

 ♥ Vintage Girl at Heart ♥
~Is there anything more vintage than an apron?~
I was 11  the first time I saw my name in print.  I'd won a writing contest in our local newspaper.  Not surprisingly, it was for a story about my cat :-)
 Even though that was a long time ago ... it's still exciting to see your name beside something you have thought about and created.
 Volume 4 of Apron*ology arrived in my mailbox at the beginning of the week.  My Vintage canvas apron is there & I am honoured & so Thankful to be alongside so many talented artisans.
This apron concept was very different from my others in that I started with a canvas apron (from the Dollar store) as my blank slate. I had read on so many blogs that there was either no time to sew from scratch or people felt they were sewing challenged so never bothered .  Using a canvas like this is perfect.  Now you have all the fun of making it truly personal.  All the laces and trim used are vintage found at a garage sale a few years ago.  Hopefully I'll come across a treasure like that again as I've almost gone through  every little bit!
*A special Thankyou to all those at Apron*ology*


Lisa at Greenbow said...

congrats on being published again. This apron looks like such fun. I have thought about getting this mag for a friend of mine that loves aprons. I don't ever see it for sale around here. Boooo. I love your header photos too.

Julie Marie said...

Oh Deb, how exciting! Congratulations!... your apron is just adorable, and you are so right... nothing says vintage quite like an apron... my mama, my grandmother and my great~grandmother all wore aprons and they bring back so many happy memories... xoxo Julie Marie

Deb said...

Thank you Lisa. I hope you are able to find the magazine for your friend ~ she will love it.

Thank you Julie Marie ~ Do you have any of these vintage aprons? They really do bring back happy memories. I have a green apron hanging up in my kitchen & the stories it could tell :-)

Monica said...

WOW! Fantastic, Deb!!
Can you believe I only managed to sew two aprons from scratch? It always seems there's no time... and even if I have committed to make another one soon, the idea of yours to use a ready made one is truly good!
You embellished it to perfection, I have to buy that issue.

Deb said...

Thank you Monica!

Kelly said...

Yay for you again, Deb! It's a beautiful creation...

Deb said...

Thank you Kelly ♥