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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

in her studio ...

In Her Studio Autumn 2019

Honoured to be published in this gorgeous magazine with so many talented artists!
You can find me on pages 136-140 in the Aug/Sept/Oct issue of
in her studio

Sunday, July 21, 2019

summertime ...

~love this creed from Meghan Telpner's book Undiet~ 
Each fairy breath of Summer,
as it blows loveliness,
inspires the blushing rose

Monday, July 15, 2019

the invitation ...

*the invitation*

Won't you come and sit with me
under the vines of a berry tree ?
Where all is quiet and I can hear
the sound of your breath when you are near

I'll close my eyes
and remember this time,
When I was yours
and you felt like mine

For I don't know how long
this moment will last -
But i know there's a reason
our paths crossed in a world so vast

And when you leave,
as I know you must
There's one thing
that you can trust -

That I'll always remember,
and never forget
That magical moment
when we met

~thoughts of a magical moment a few years ago, when a gorgeous owl rested in our garden arbour. I spoke to him softly, it was just the two of us , and when he winked at me ... pure joy! A little painting and love note in gratitude to the pure beauty of nature.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

England ...

Finally getting around to posting some photos from May in England 
… white cliffs of dover
enjoyed many cups of tea and scones
this little shop in Stowe was a gem
moving back and forth between camera & iPad :-D
flowers everywhere
Every time I look through the photos... and there are hundreds of them ...  I am taken back to my beloved England 
a place on Earth that is not only my place of birth but part of my heart & soul …
Only a few days had rain … but it's English rain … bliss
of course … as soon as I saw Art Supplies, I had to walk in … 
And anything to do with animals and animal welfare gets my attention { and change}
Leeds Castle gardens
Dreamy Wisteria everywhere …
Leeds Castle
Taking it all in
Devils Dyke
"We talk always about our grief at leaving the land,
when we leave a place we have loved.
The grief of the emigrant,
the yearning for the land we once inhabited.
But what if, when we leave it, the land grieves for us?"
~Sharon Blackie~

… hope you enjoy these little snippets of England … 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Serenity ...

Sparrows Garden
I find I don't used my Nikon camera as much as I once did.
There was a time when it was always with me & the camera bag that held a variety of
lens in different sizes.
A small, compact Fuji digital camera was ideal for travelling & at home, I will take
photos with the phone camera (again, nice and compact) or the iPad camera.
But since coming home from holidays, I've been enjoying an old routine of walking through 
sparrows garden and taking photos of the changes …I was excited to see the Wisteria vine planted last year had taken off {especially after seeing so many gorgeous Wisteria covered cottages in
England}, black eyed Susan seed that was scattered last year can be seen poking through the soil … 
and looking through and shooting through a Macro lens is always a thrill … seeing the tiniest little webs on leaves,
puddles of morning dew,
 the little detail of a flower … pure magic
and then, after a busy day in the garden, I was finishing up by  sweeping around the 
pond when the sweetest little Monarch butterfly landed on my leg :-) 
I like being mistaken for a wildflower xo

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

Ooh Archer …
how could a Thankful Thursday {things I love} post not include you!
"My dear old dog,
most constant of all friends"
~William Croswell Doane"
I often wonder how many steps he walks in a day …
following my every move
wherever I am … he is there...
lots of rainy days have been lovely as I've been able to ease back into a routine
and spent those days in sparrow studio
but since arriving home from holidays there's been lots of "catching up" both inside & out in the garden... 
a visit to the nursery filled my van with soil, hanging baskets, perennials and some favourite
Archer was happy to provide some hole digging assistance :-) 
"No one appreciates
the very special genius of your conversation
as the dog does"
~Christopher Morley~
"I guess I'm a little weird.
I like to talk to trees and animals.
That's ok though;
I have more fun than most people"
~Bob Ross~

Monday, June 3, 2019

Lilac days ...

what a lovely welcome home
to find the lilac in bloom

Had an absolutely fabulous time in England ...
I've returned home with so many ideas floating about!
A pocket of my suitcase was filled with quick little pencil sketches
of birds (especially Magpies) , wisteria covered cottages,
beach chairs & huts … all waiting to find themselves turned into
paintings. While away, I absolutely fell in love (again) with lino cutting and 
printmaking and looking forward to "carving out some time" to revisit that
art form.
Easing back into a routine  … still sorting through photos (will share some soon).
~happy June~