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Friday, October 6, 2023

Autumn Getaway . . .

We took a little mid week getaway to beautiful Niagara On The Lake.
Wine and cheese tasting greeted us when we arrived.
Then it was off to dinner and show ~ we had tickets to see The Amen Corner which was absolutely fabulous complete with Gospel choir music! 
The weather was spectacular.
Perfect for strolling around the streets admiring all the charming homes and gardens.

The sweetest, most gorgeous fence I've ever seen!
Complete with vines, leaves, acorns , squirrels, birds and birds nest.
I've never seen such craftsmanship! 

The streets were lined with horse chestnut trees and we filled our pockets with conkers found on the sidewalks. 
I love finding little free libraries as I stroll, especially when the libraries are mini versions of the home.

Old trucks filled to the brim with flowers . . .  yes please!
Happy October
d xo 

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Hello September . . .

Blooms, bees and bunnies in our September Garden . . . 

heart shaped nibbles :-) 

lunchtime for one of our sweet garden bunnies  

Happy September
d xo 

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Our August Garden . . .

A rain on and off sort of day today, and the birds don't seem to mind at all & neither do I! 
We are both happily singing  ;-)
There are so many bees in our garden which thrills us to no end! 
They especially love the trumpet vine 
tiny paper white butterflies have been visiting
the Cosmos are getting taller and taller.

Next week I will start gathering dried seed heads from the plants.
It's beginning to take on that Autumn feeling, cooler temperatures, sweater wearing, the days drawing in, all feeling very cozy (which I love). I've been making more dinners in the oven than the BBQ - comfort food.
Tonight, it's veg shepherd's pie and peach cobbler. 

Starting a new painting this afternoon
Autumn themed :-) 
Have a wonderful Wednesday
d xo  

Sunday, August 13, 2023

August Happenings . . .

It's been a busy August in my little corner of the world.
From garden parties & girlfriends I haven't seen in ages to grandson sleepovers
and everything in between.
Grateful for it all!

There hasn't been much time spent in my little Sparrow Studio
but the other day, remembering I had a few canvas packages still unopened,  
I pulled out my acrylic paints, put on some jazz and enjoyed a few hours creating.
It all started with this little Wren who I had watched in our garden.
Next, a Sparrow (of course) and before I knew it, I had a Woodland Garden Collection painting everything spotted in our wild garden.
Wren* Sparrow*Fox*Raven*Hare* Nest 
I've kept a watercolour pad and my Van Gogh paints in the sunporch
and painted some watercolour tags

Both the tags and Canvas have been added to my Etsy shop today.
And as we move towards the end of August/Summer, I've included the postage :-)
Happy August days
d xo 

Monday, July 17, 2023

the humble bee . . .

"The world is plentiful with honey,
but only the humble bee can collect it."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

~ I could watch them for hours.

"The bee is
but not
-William Longgood- 

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Christmas in July . . .

While out shopping these past few days I noticed a "Christmas in July" theme happening in so many of the shops.
Now, anything Christmas related gets my attention - I absolutely love everything and anything Christmas.
The Christmas in July theme is celebrated in our own family as one of our sweet grandsons is a Christmas baby and a Christmas in July birthday celebrations happens!

And then, once home, as I was going through my art cupboard and got the idea of adding some originals at amazing prices to my Etsy shop with this theme in mind for the month of July.

Older paintings that I created after a serious car accident .  I was driving my son to school when our vehicle was t-boned by a fully loaded transport truck that ran a red light.  
I always say we were saved by the Grace of God and our Ford Windstar! 
And I truly believe in the healing power of Art.

Over the years I created prints and cards from all these paintings but held on to the originals. 
Perhaps they were like a security blanket for me.

One of the phrases I have heard often when someone looks at my work is that it feels "gentle".
That has always stuck with me.
Gentle . . .  what a lovely word.

Now feels like the right time to (gently) let them fly out into the world and someone else's hands/home. 
I've added 2 paintings to my Etsy shop this morning.
More will follow throughout the month.

Writing Set
is a sweet original watercolour painting to hang over your desk or journaling space.
For those who love to write in their journal, keep a Diary, preserve memories with the written word or, perhaps you're working on writing a book!

Clay pot filled with brushes, pens and freshly sharpened pencils.
Journals and notebooks to fill with wishes, thoughts and dreams.
Blue Bird to signify communication and inner strength.

And next
"You've Got Mail"

"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds"

I love snail mail, always have.  Emails are wonderfully convenient and fast, but there is, and always will be something so lovely about finding a card in the mailbox and sitting with it in your hand.  Reading the handwritten words from a friend and loved one is good for the soul.

Creating cards, writing cards, taking a little extra time to personalize each one, adding a stamp and sending it on its journey ~ I take pleasure in each and every step.
I even love walking to the post office.  Ours sits beside our beautiful Lake Ontario, so you can just imagine the view!

When our own dear postman Tom retired, I turned You've Got Mail into a card for him.
Inside we thanked him for being the "Best Mailman Ever" and he truly was!  It was around Christmas time and as luck would have it, we managed to find him a Best Mailman tree ornament!

You've Got Mail pays homage to the art of letter writing.
From Air Mail to Snail Mail.

Sparrow wears a blue jacket with red pocket and carries a satchel with red and white polka dot strap and black buckle.
Always ready for inclement weather, wellington boots are a must for those long routes and stylish walking.
And just look at those lovely letters and postcards!  Once Sparrow has flown them in from faraway places, snail, who represents a slower pace of living, will take over from there.
Someone is in for a lovely surprise.

Springtime Garden 
is in the post having found it's forever home.
A painting filled with all the little treasures spotted in my own garden.
Sent with much love and blessings.

~Have a wonderful day.  It's another hot one outside~
d xo 

Monday, July 3, 2023


The flowers are loving all this rain!

The nest of garden baby bunnies are having a wonderful time in our garden . . .  I can tell which flowers are their favourites and the ones they don't like (and making notes).  Noticing "just stems" in a few garden patches.

We are going through our traditional family Summer list
which always includes strawberry picking.
This has been an amazing strawberry season.
We've been eating most of the strawberries as is, cut up in cereal, with ice cream, 
but strawberry tarts and a big strawberry flan are a family fave too. 
The trumpet vine is thick and lush and hubby's Robin has built her nest well hidden all tucked in .
(This is a photo from an older nest in our garden atop our gazebo) 

The bees love it too . . .  soon the hummers will appear. 

Happy July
d xo