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Monday, August 18, 2014

A birthday & lots of buzzing around the nest ...

a very special someone celebrated his 5th birthday recently ...
and a lovely parcel arrived in the mail addressed to Archer
from his (our) very special & kind friends
Julie Marie & Tessy
who sent along this gorgeous blue bandana ...
and a doggie can never have enough bandana's ♥
yes Archer, I see the little bit of grey appearing ...
you are still the most gorgeous boy to me xoxo
I was so surprised to see it has been a while since I last posted.
I have been a very busy deb BEE
with lot happening here in the Studio
which I will tell you all about soon.
taking in a little
"time to stop and smell the flowers"
Back soon

Friday, August 8, 2014

solitude with good company ...

tea break time
a little bread & jam
and sitting with my thoughts
as I write a card for a friend.
I'd been distracted by an unusual singing {I just couldn't place the bird, although I had heard  the song before} in the garden and then finally,
when I looked towards the pond, I saw 3 Northern Flickers splashing about under the water fall.
letter writing
is the only device for combining
with good company
~Lord Byron~
Have a wonderful weekend
♥ D

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

I recently read, with much interest, the healing aspects of "forest bathing".
Now I already knew how wonderful our daily walks left us feeling ~ even short treks through the woods near our home, but I did not know there was a name for it.
It is believed that the trees emit natural essential oils  that are aroma therapeutic.
Oh the wonderful healing effects of Mother Nature.
Shrinrin - yoku is a Japanese term which when translated, means "forest bathing".
I have jotted down a list of ( new to us) forested areas that we hope to visit over the next few weekends.
I think Archer knew all along about the benefits of forest bathing
which is why he is always so happy & eager to head out  :-)
Now I know that I am a nemophilist.
(n.) a haunter of the woods; one who loves the forest and it's beauty and solitude.
the forests too, seem kindly familiar;
and the lakes and meadows
and glad singing streams.
I should like to dwell with them
~John Muir~

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bucket list ...

beach treasures ...
checking off summertime to-do's from the bucket list I sat and made with my grandson
play ... build sand castles ... have a picnic lunch ...fly a kite ... play more!
{only wish my bathing suit was this cute} :-)
now this was one of the best to-do lists ever
moments shared with those you love
fellow beach bums
and sparrows ...
always sparrows
is the youngest
you will ever be

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

~soaking up the sun~
Hard to believe it is the last day of July!
As we look forward to the upcoming Civic Holiday long weekend, a trip to the beach is on our  itinerary .  I have always loved being by (and on) the water and have always lived near water.  Maybe being born in the South of England, it is in my blood. 
Soaking up the sun is an older watercolour painted from memories of taking little ones to the beach.  Building sandcastles, and gathering up stones to create little markers to show we were there.  An Inukshuk creation.  Big sun umbrellas set up for shade and bright coloured beach balls, flip flops and sun hats.  Time to paint a new one as new memories are made taking grand babies to the beach ♥
Have a happy weekend.
xo D
I have always loved the beach.
The smell of the salty water,
the wind in my face,
the gentle roar of the waves
all combine to create
a sense of peace and calm.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

side by side ...

I love purple coneflowers
& have never spotted a double headed one
until today...
everything on our walk this afternoon seemed to be in pairs ...
 the bumbles
and cabbage whites
fuzzy caterpillars
 and then there were colourful fields of flowers
along winding paths
and we were so happy to see Monarchs on our walk
after reading of an 80% decline in the population of the Monarch.
I spent a lot of time watching this beauty!
and a bit of time water gazing too ♥

Monday, July 28, 2014

what you'll discover ...

 along the walking path
 I stopped to take in the beauty
 and spotted a friend
 You have to leave the city
of your comfort
and go into the wilderness
of your intuition.
What you'll discover
will be wonderful.
What you'll discover
~Alan Alda~
 As is what usually happens, once we return back home
 I am rejuvenated & filled with ideas and inspiration from our walk ...
I decided to paint some little wooden tags ♥
 When I admire the wonders of a sunset
or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands
in the worship
of the Creator
The Sun
are there
to guide us
~Dennis Banks~