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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October hush ...

"all we have, it seems to me,
is the beauty of 
art and nature and life
and the love
which that beauty inspires"
~Edward Abbey~ 
It's one of those October days
where the wind is blowing, the leaves are dancing
it's misty and foggy and yet so very soothing and cozy...
You bundle up and head out to one of your favourite spots and walk … 
and although you've walked there many times, you spot something new and magical & smile
~ life is change … flow/grow with it~
embracing the seasons
into the wild 
similarities and yet each unique 
"promise me one thing
wild child,
never filter your soul
to suit a mould"
~Nikki Rowe~ 
a beautiful tangle
nature's weaving
"some are born to play it safe
others are born to live it wild"
~Nikki Rowe~
"life is a balance
of holding on
letting go"
Archer … let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods
and listen to the magic whispers
of old trees …

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

autumn stories ...

my favourite season is showing in my paintings :-)
acorns and changing leaves are falling off my paintbrush as quickly as the trees
there have been surprises in our garden
where the bees are still enjoying the cosmos
and a hummingbird stopped by the other day!
garden bunnies are nibbling the rose of Sharon
 our maple tree is dropping leaves
 revealing the nests that have been built in her
on morning walks with Archer we have spotted both owls and coopers hawks
regal and magical filling me with inspiration
and of course...
enjoyed a get away to beautiful Old Montreal
to watch a hockey game
Sir Paul McCartney in concert!!!
forest walks
and the blessings of rainy days for quiet contemplation 
and before the garden is tucked in for the Winter, I've been taking coleus clippings 
which now sit in little jam jars on a sunny window
~my autumn stories~
"Everything is held together
with stories.
That is all that is holding us together.
Stories and compassion"
~Barry Lopez~

Friday, September 14, 2018

friday thoughts ...

"you're gonna be happy"
said life
"but first
I'll make you strong"

my garden is filled with happy, strong bees buzzing about

this summer I have been followed everywhere I go by dragon flies
~they are so beautiful ~ 
sweet little chip 
I never pass up an opportunity to make a wish
"they say
a person needs just 3 things
to be truly happy 
in this world.
someone to love
something to do
and something to hope for"
~Tom Bodett~ 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

mermaids, magazines & making things ...

~gathering sea glass~
I've been gathering sea glass
and placing it in my hair
letting the wind decide
where it should settle there

With the light of the sun
each piece glistens and shines
warming my head
and soothing my mind

keeping gathered treasures
within reach
as I mindfully walk
a stretch of the beach

I reach up
and run my fingers through strands
looking for glass
to touch my hand

reminding me what's real
with each piece
I lovingly feel

Filling up
all of this headspace
with treasures found

along my sacred space

Seems I've created a vessel
for the light to shine in
and isn't that really the place
where it must begin.
~deb dunn~

I know I have often shared here how fortunate I feel to live along Lake Ontario ~ where I can walk the beach on any given day. 
 Walking meditation * listening and in tune with the tide * taking my thoughts to the lake * cloud watching * feeling the sand between my toes * and gathering ... finding those lovely little glistening coloured pieces of glass ~ loved and washed and tumbled over and over again xo
It was only a matter of time 
that all this beach glass gathering
found itself in a painting :-)
hair blowing wildly
picking up pieces of glass
letting them land as they wish
"gather yourself
 by the seashore
and I will love you there.
assemble yourself
 with  wild things
with the songs
 of the sparrow
 and sea foam
let mad beauty
 collect itself
 in your eyes
and it will shine
calling me.
for I long
for a man
with nests
 of wild things
 in his hair.
a man

I love to spot birds on the beach
whether tiny  sparrows * * sand pipers * red winged blackbirds *  sea gulls  who always look to see if I have food :-) * to the large  commorants who I watch in awe as they fly above ...

my sweet friend Christine sent me the latest issue of Faerie Magazine all the way from Connecticut
because inside was a lovely story all about sea/beach glass
that she knew I would love {and I did}!
"mermaid tears" was a term I hadn't heard before, but fell in love with the moment I read
"did you know that if a mermaid happens to fall in love with a sailor, she swims alongside his ship in order to protect him? Mermaids become very attached to the men they love"
~made me love sea glass all the more~

Saturday, September 1, 2018

hello September ...

hello September 
"each day comes bearing its own gifts.
untie the ribbons "
~Ruth Ann Schabacker~ 

looking forward to cooler temperatures * cozy nights * long country drives * comfort food* baking pies and cookies * walking though leaves * pumpkins * caramel apples * fall fairs …
"I've gone into the fields
to take what this sweet hour yields"
~Percy Bysshe Shelley~

have a wonderful{long}  weekend
d x 

Monday, August 27, 2018

august happenings ...

celebrating a full moon
& international dog day 
{archer love}
walking & gathering 
… I love skeleton leaves …
living with intention...
like the earth -
I offer myself
over & over again
finding so many heart shaped stones …
painting nests and eggs
whatever makes your soul happy... do that!
honor the space
no longer
not yet
finding "new to me" colours of beach glass is always exciting
adding pretty little bits of found pottery to my jars
"Art enables us to
 find ourselves
lose ourselves
at the same time"
~Thomas Morton~ 
walking along the beach
gathering up pieces of glass and stones
holding them in my hand...
I love how they feel
depending on where I've found them
cool from the waters edge
or warm from the sand and sun
running my fingers across them as I walk
meditation * intention* gratitude
~happy Monday~
x d