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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Friday, April 5, 2019

April beach walk ...

I love beach walks... the ease of sand underfoot
sound of the waves {it was a high tide}
sometimes boats in the distance …
seagulls at the waters edge & the song of birds...
the breeze coming off of the waves that sprinkles my face with a salty mist
wondering what treasures I will stumble upon … what will catch my eye …
walking meditation
on yesterday's walk I found a gorgeous feather
heart shaped stones
a sweet piece of pottery with the tiniest heart on one side in my favourite shade of green
lots of beach glass {mermaid tears}
In a sea of blue fish swimming right
I am the green fish swimming left
Grey Jay who lives by the lake and sings and flies from tree to bush to tree
followed me as I walked.
I find myself looking for him now.
Yesterday, it felt like maybe he was looking for me too.
I love placing all my finds on the table where I can really admire and enjoy each one once home.
I'm always surprised at just how much I have gathered!
Eventually, the glass will find a settling spot in one of the many jars I have clearing the table for the next walk  …
I'm sure one day these pieces will find their way into a project...
maybe a large frame or table mosaic...
Pieces of driftwood often become smudge wands or with the flatter pieces,  I will paint them
and create tea light candle holders.

"I love being different.
It makes sharing 
the common stuff
extra special"
~Mai Dones~
"Because nothing should be wasted
in a world where Sparrows
work hard to prove
there is enough"
~Gary Soto~
sacred spaces
"I am an artist:
a dreamy, eccentric, romantic, rebel artist.
I live in the voluptuous dimension
of my imagination.
If you expect normalcy from me,
sorry to disappoint,
but you are quite mistaken.
Ordinary is not my best attire.
I have tried it and normal never fit quite right.
I will always be the crazy one
who believes in
and impossible dreams,
heartfelt and soulful things"
~Melody Lee~

Monday, March 25, 2019

Unconditional love...

~In an Orb of Our Own~

Mother and child intertwined amongst an orb of grapevine.  Through the twists and turns of vine, there is no sign of where it begins, nor where it ends,
much like the deep unbreakable bond between Mother and child.

As in many of my paintings, a small red heart hangs from one of the branches - representing unconditional love.
The tiniest little yellow heart rests on babies forehead.
May it be called a nest, web, little cave … we create our own nourishing spot to nurture life.
A small nest of blue eggs rests amongst Mother and child.
Love and life are all around.
The blue orb colour represents ::tranquility::protection :: intuition:: guardian angel::

#16 in my ©Women of the Woods Series

Just wanted to mention that I will be putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode  mid April as I will be spending the month of May in England :-D 

~have a wonderful week~
d x

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

happy spring

live in the sunshine
swim in the sea
drink the wild air
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~
Barnaby ~ one of our garden bunnies
happy 1st day of Spring
and Full Moon blessings 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"painting" with thread ...

Well, I am certainly hooked on my latest hobby - punch needle!!!
Learning as I go, and having so much fun …
I mentioned in a previous post that the hardest part was finding a shop that carried the needle punch.
I found a few shops in the U.S.A. but they either didn't ship to Canada or the price of shipping was almost as much as the punch needle.
Determination paid off :-D and I found a shop where I ordered the needle punch and weavers cloth.
Unfortunately, while the punch needle was available but the weavers cloth was not, so I am still (eagerly) waiting on that to arrive (and I can begin some bigger projects).
Wanting to start right away, I looked through my sewing/fabric  basket and found some fabric I thought would work … I already had some DMC floss from older sampler projects, and started with a simple heart shape & created a little brown sparrow making up the design as I punched. 

A visit to a few fabric shops for more  DMC floss, felt for backing my projects, gripper hoops in a couple of sizes and a frame (the fabric has to be drum tight) and I was ready to start more projects! 
A heart shaped trivet was next - once again, I just created a heart shape and drew a bird sitting on a nest with eggs and branches and leaves in pencil directly on the fabric. 

a sweet little squirrel ornament was next making up the pattern as I went …
my first project using up the (very)  random odds and ends of DMC floss that I had on hand :-D
lamb with a house pattern was next...
I hadn't planned on using it as a covering for a chip board box I had, but it happened to fit perfectly.
I will paint the sides of the box, add some pretty trim  and tuck a little ornament inside as an Easter gift.
I want to recreate this idea again, but next time have just the lamb as I felt the house and green grass took away from the sweet lamb design … 
close up of all the tiny stitches
going to a baby shower in a few weeks &
I'm giving mum to be a play pen, but I always like to add a little handmade treasure
so I made this little bunny & moon hanger for babies room (it's a boy) 
*love you to the moon and back*
lambs will be finished this afternoon and I think I'll add it to the front of a wicker basket I have.
I'm thinking the basket will look nice holding napkins for our Easter table...
And then … well, I have lots of ideas floating around … I am pretty sure everyone is getting a punch needle "something" next Christmas :-D 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

snowy garden ...

"Even when a bird walks,
one feels
it has wings"
~Antoine-Marin Lemierre~
I fell in love with this beautiful quote the moment I read it.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Contrasts & Patchwork ...

a favourite Gladys Taber quote 
moon lover
heart * love * create* beauty
stitching & adding patches to my "studio jeans" which are big and baggy, torn and paint spattered and oh, so comfy … letting them tell a story   … 
"We do not live an equal life,
but one of contrasts and patchwork;
now a little joy,
then a sorrow,
now a sin,
then a generous or brave action"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Monday, February 25, 2019

for she loved the trees ...

"It is difficult to realize
how great a part of all that is cheerful
and delightful in the recollections
of our own life
is associated with trees"
~Wilson Flagg~
Last night we watched the most wonderful program
Judi Dench: my passion for trees
Being a life long tree lover/hugger it spoke to me …
Judi visited a 1,500 year old Yew Tree in Surrey England
I googled the tree and read that some believe it to be as old as 4,000 years!!
It was absolutely spectacular.
"Because they are primeval,
because they outlive us,
because they are fixed, trees seem to emanate
a sense of permanence.
And though rooted in earth, 
they seem to touch the sky"
~Kim Taplin~
My love for trees spills over into my Art...
 my "Women of the Woods" series has 30 pieces of wood spirits & stories
bark and branches
nests and birds
animal lairs
Women of the Woods
Moon of the Changing Seasons
Change with the seasons
embrace new growth and shed
what no longer serves you …
Like the cycles of a tree

Go barefoot...
feel the soil between your toes
Like the roots of a tree

Allow your hair to move carefree
with the changing directions of the wind …
Like the leaves of a tree

Sway your arms and legs
and dance …
Like the branches of a tree

Let not the space you are in define you,
but the space that lies within you.
Own your space …
Like the constitution of a tree.
~deb dunn~

for the trees xo