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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Saturday, January 6, 2018

catching dreams ...

Walking through the woods with Archer ... on a very cold January afternoon, the beauty of our surroundings kept me from thinking of the cold {although I was thankful for my warm jacket, hat, gloves and boots which allowed me to stay out longer}
"Like walking a dream" crossed my mind amongst the tall trees as snowflakes danced in the air.
Each snowflakes pattern could be seen on Archers beautiful black fur...
Oh how I adore January and this sacred walking space ...
I held my hand out, palm up to gather a scattering of falling flakes ... dream catcher ...
& then I thought ...
How often do/have  we place our dreams in the hands of others?
Here's to being our own dream catcher!
Little girls with dreams
become women with vision

"Your dreams are a poetic reflection
of your soul's wishes.
Be courageous enough
to follow them"
~Dr. Steve Maraboli~

If your dreams don't scare you
maybe they're not big enough!

"Never settle.
Fight for 
the life
the career
the dreams
the love
that you deserve"
~Mandy Hale~

Happy Dreaming!
d x


Lisa Greenbow said...

I hear you. Poor Annie is getting less an less of a walk with this bitter cold. It is supposed to break tomorrow. There will be ice and snow to pay for the warm up. Do be careful out there. I am inside dreaming...

Sandi said...

"Little girls with dreams
become women with vision"


Deb said...

hi Lisa ~ sweet Annie - Archer doesn't quite understand why Mum heads out every once in a while for walks on her own :-D
Happy Dreaming x

Deb said...

hi Sandi ~ here's to a new year filled with making dreams come true!