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Friday, February 28, 2014

sticking to it ...

having so much fun creating with my new Epson label maker ...
at the rate I'm going I'll be out of tape soon!
reading instruction booklets is my least favourite thing to do...
but this time it was actually fun :-)
really easy to set up, change fonts , display settings and a booklet filled with accent marks, frames, and symbols ♥
double lines
I've been peeling and sticking labels on everything today :-D
every letter and/or card I've posted has a nice new sticker attached!
now that we are heading into March,
it's time to stop painting snowmen and birds with snowflakes on their feathers ...
time to think of flowers and new paintings started with watering cans
and seeds ... of course...birds are always in season ♥


Lori ann said...

how fun deb! i hope your tape lasts a bit longer for more creative making!

Julie Marie said...

You're having way too much fun with that Deb!... I think I might need one!... can't wait to see your paintings of watering cans and seeds!... Happy March, xoxo Julie Marie

Lynda Naranjo | Simple Things said...

It looks like you're having a lot of fun with your label maker, Deb! I would never have thought to use it in art projects. I'm actually excited now that March has arrived! Can't wait for the snow to start melting and seeing the robins again. Have a lovely weekend! xo

Jeanne said...

Tomorrow's treasures can wait until tomorrow. Live today's treasures while they are here!

~Ralph Marston~

Love all you share
Love Jeanne

Deb said...

hi lori ~ I've been thinking of little sayings & typing them out and before I knew it had tons of little labels all over my desk :-) thankfully my hubby bought a spare tape cartridge to go with it (he knows me so well) :-)

Deb said...

hi Julie marie - yes you need one too :-) the next time I write to you expect a sticker on the envelope ♥ Happy March!

Deb said...

hi Lynda ~ didn't expect to find it snowing again for march 1st but the birds have been singing which has been lovely in the early morning ♥ wishing you a wonderful weekend too xo

Deb said...

thank you for sharing this wonderful quote Jeanne ♥

prairiegirl said...

Dang you Deb! Now I have to get one of these label makers! I love stuff like that.
A friend from work said she got one last year, her husband got a hold of it and labeled where everything goes in the kitchen! Just warning you. ;)
I'm liking your drawings too. Especially your birds. Naturally.

Deb said...

hi lynn~ :-D so much fun & I can see why your friends husband labeled everything ...once you start making them you can't stop!
mailed three packages this morning covered in stickers :-)
thank you ♥ we love our birds xo