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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest ~ Sir Thomas Moore ~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Saint Valentine's Day ♥ ...

waiting on the kitchen counter
for my family
chocolate chip muffins
made with love ...
some coconut macaroons
because they are my husbands favourite ♥
This little "chalkboard" has been hanging in the kitchen for years.
I made a few chalkboards as gifts one Christmas from vintage frames and chalkboard paint.
When it came time to make one for myself, I had run out of the chalkboard paint, so I used what I had available - plain black acrylic paint.  It worked beautifully!  I have written and erased many, many notes & quotes over the years and it is still holding up :-D
must be as much a light
as it is
a flame
~Henry David Thoreau~
Wishing you a lovely
Saint Valentine's Day


The Reed Warbler said...

Lovely post.....warm and homely, for me the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's day. Enjoy yours, Anita xo

Jeanne said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Mereknits said...

Happy Valentine's Day Deb, wishing you a day filled with love.

Julie Marie said...

Your treats all look so yummy Deb!... and your little chalkboard is perfect there... wishing you a Happy Valentines Day too!... Tessy sends doggy kisses to Archer... (her Valentine!)... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

Lisa Gordon said...

Mmmmmm, those cupcakes look so good!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day.

sage and spirit said...

All that wonderful food! Now I'm in the mood to bake something. Happy Valentine's Day!

June said...

What a beautiful post for LOVE day Deb! When you shared the photo of the cupcakes I thought 'Oh darn her' :))) because I have been trying to swear off sweets for awhile and I saw that batter and almost went batty. Yum!
Thanks for sharing about the chalkboard too. I have to make one for my daughter and I have black paint on hand and I never would have guessed I could just use that.
I can see from the last few posts I have missed here that you have been painting beautiful things this winter. I love to think of you with your art supplies out painting away on a snowy day.
sending hugs...

Deb said...

hello Anita ~ thank you ♥ hope you have a wonderful day xo

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ happy saint valentine's day to you sweet friend xo

Deb said...

hi Meredith ~ love & hugs to you & max today from me & archer ♥

Deb said...

hi Julie marie ~ the chalk board is just the right size for the spot & I love to write little love notes and jot down quotes (you know me) :-D
love and hugs to you & sweet Tessy from me and archer ... archer sends love to his girl :-D

Deb said...

thank you lisa ♥ wishing you a day of love & wonderful weekend too!

Deb said...

happy saint valentine's day sage and spirit (love that name)♥

Deb said...

hi june ~ thank you for your lovely note xo thankfully, I don't like chocolate, but my family does, so I won't have any temptations there ... now cheesecake ... that's something else :-D
hope you try the black acrylic paint... just give it a few coats, letting each one dry in between ( I put it on with a cheap sponge brush to avoid streaks ♥ I know it will turn out beautifully!