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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

morning meditation
{concentrated gazing}
the glow & gentle scent of beeswax candles
sparrow dish belonged to my grandmother ♥
I have used it for different things over the years ~ to hold little puddles of sea salt & black pepper, tiny dinner mints at the table, next to my tea cup to hold the tea bag and spoon,
now I use it solely to hold matches to light my morning meditation candles
{Wade England}
I could spend hours upon hours in libraries and cooking supply stores :-D
and always wanted a French rolling pin, was thrilled to find it under the Christmas tree this past Christmas {with a little note from Santa thanking me for the homemade oatmeal cookies & milk} ♥
I put it to good use this morning
making cinnamon/almond buns
with the weather being so cold
I've been tossing handfuls of almonds out to the squirrels
so was thankful that I had enough left to add to the filling ...
the kitchen smells divine
a tiny drizzle of icing
hello beautiful one
my sous chef :-)
still early ...
soon the sunbeams will pour through the window
and I will have dancing prisms
throughout the room ♥
when I start to bake and since the oven is on
I always make a few things
chocolate chip cookies were next
{banana loaf is baking now}
picked up this cute little bird feeder for my grandson ~ we love to go on nature walks
along the marina, talk about boats and fish and birds ...
take a container of seed and feed the chickadees and chipmunks
I only attached it to the window yesterday and within the hour
the female red cardinal was there which really surprised me since all the other feeders were freshly filled ~ usually new feeders sit for days until the birds become comfortable with it.
Looking forward to this 'close up view'
time to sit
and watch the birds
listen to some soft jazz
enjoy a mug of tea
(and a little treat)
hope your Thursday is filled with things you love


rusty duck said...

Oooh, those cinnamon buns look so good!

Julie Marie said...

How precious is your little Sparrow dish that belonged to your grandmother!... so many beautiful memories it holds as well as all of those other things you have put in it over the years... oh my goodness, all of your goodies look so yummy!... I am sure your home smells sooo good!...and sweet Archer... you are your mama's helper just like Tessy is mine... love your French rolling pin and love that you have a cardinal at your new feeder already... thanks for sharing all of the beautiful things you are loving today, xoxo Julie Marie PS Your new header is gorgeous!... xoxo

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed my lovely friend

Mereknits said...

Those buns look so yummy, I bet your house smelled so fantastic.
Hugs to you Deb,

Monica said...

Oooh cinnamon buns!! Always wanted to make them! I have to fins the recipe!
Everything is this post looks/sounds comforting and joyous.

Deb said...

hi Jessica ~ they've been pretty tempting every time I walk into the kitchen :-}

Deb said...

hi Julie marie ~ thank you for all your kind words. the little sparrow dish is so special to me ♥ no more sightings of birds at the feeder since mrs cardinal - hope it sees some action soon (camera is on the table ready) :-D

Deb said...

thank you Jeanne ♥

Deb said...

hi Meredith - the aroma of baking remained for a while and it was luring me into the kitchen ... luckily my family felt the same way so it is going pretty quickly :-D

Deb said...

hi monica - love making them as they take so little ingredients and cook up quickly ♥

Lisa Gordon said...

Ooooo, those cinnamon buns look so yummy, and I just love your sous chef.
Have a great weekend!

Lady Cordelia said...

What a sweet little blog you have, wandered over from Tracey's.
I used to make cinnamon rolls...back before life got "too busy." ; )
No excuse is good enough when baking is involved, right?

Melody said...

oh my, I find myself sniffing the air for cinnamon... those buns look divine! It's a lovely little spot you have here! Must go scroll thru past posts to see what else I may have missed! :))

Deb said...

hi lisa ~ thank you for your visit & lovely comment ♥ my sous chef is pretty special :-D

Deb said...

thank you for stopping by cordelia ~ the cinnamon rolls didn't last very long :-D

Deb said...

hi melody ~ I love the smell of cinnamon and while the cinnamon buns were baking the entire house took on that lovely scent. thank you for your visit and I hope you stop by often ♥

Prairie Jill said...

So many things to be thankful for! Lovely post. Beautiful flowers; wonderful baking; and feeding the birds - perfect!

Becs said...

Beautiful images, those cinnamon buns look delicious. :)

Deb said...

thank you jill ♥

Deb said...

hi becs ~ thank you for your visit ♥

Blondie's Journal said...


I've missed so many posts, I'll have to go back and catch up. Your days make me wish I had that peacefulness. I miss baking (and I have been wanting one of those rolling pins. However, if I have one thing that is old, it is my husband's mother's rolling pin. She would be about 104 years old now. She had my husband when she was 44 and died shortly after).

Archer is beautiful! I can't resist that gentle face!

I hope to be visiting around soon, It seems to take me so long to write a post and then I like a break. We have to have "Me" time and I know you agree.


P.S. I love the sparrow dish!

Debra said...

Hello....so glad you visited my blog. I've read your art saves story-I was very touched by it. Your doggie photo brought tears to my eyes, as we lost our girl in November-she looked a lot like your dog...

Deb said...

hi jane ~ thank you for your lovely comment!
how wonderful that you have your MIL's rolling pin ♥ I love my French rolling pin & while I would never get rid of my old rolling pin (have used it for over 30 years ...memories ♥)I don't think I'll use it as much :-)

Deb said...

hello debra ~ thank you for your visit & reading my Art Saves story xo
sending blessings to you ~ we have always adopted older dogs (ben was 3 1/2 and ernie was 11) and loosing them was so very hard. I think of them always ♥