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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Vintage Christmas ♥ Comfort & Joy #8 ...

~Kiss & Tell~
Rosy little kissing ball to hang for the Holidays
To make a kissing ball
you will need:
~extra large Styrofoam ball
~strips of fabric to create rosettes
~pine cones and/or artificial Christmas sprig
~glue gun
~LOTS of glue sticks
~to make the rosettes,  cut long strips of fabric (the longer the strip, the larger the rosette),
and begin by making a knot.  This will give you a good strong starting off spot and will also create a nice finished look to your rosette once completed.  Twist fabric and roll around knot, adding small dots of hot glue  to hold.  Continue this way until you have run out of fabric.  One rosette finished ... lots more to go!
~ Attach rosette to your Styrofoam ball, and begin another one :-)
~Keep doing this until the entire ball is covered with roses.
~Find a nice long piece of ribbon to hang your kissing ball and create a hanging loop.
~With hot glue, attach to top of ball.
~Embellish the top of kissing ball with pine cones and/or artificial Christmas sprig
~Hang in foyer & greet all who come into your home for the holidays with a warm, welcoming kiss ♥
~Angel Wings~
With any left over strips of fabric after making the kissing ball , you can use them up by  creating some angel wings.
To create the angel wings
you will need:
~cardboard to make a wing template
~strips of fabric
~book page(s)
~hot glue gun & glue sticks
~Angel image
~cut out angel template from cardboard
~ cover cardboard wings with glue
~ wrap with strips of fabric to cover ...overlap to create a feathered look
~ wrap wings with twine & using hot glue, attach
~cut out sentimental Angel phrase to add to your wings and glue in place
~With twine, create a loop and add to top of wings
~Attach Angel image
~Embellish with snowflake decoration
~hang on your Christmas tree, or attach to top of gift for giving
My heroes
come with wings
not capes
Is not a kiss
the very autograph
~Henry Finck~


Country Gal said...

Very pretty ! I have never seen one before ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the rosettes, Deb! I think they are very doable for me except I am not good with a glue gun...constantly burning myself, but it's all about practice, right? And the angel wings are awesome! You really do have some neat Christmas crafts and I'm enjoying them!

Thanks for stopping by today! Your visits are always appreciated! :)


Lori ann said...

how beautiful deb :)
you are so creative, such lovely things you make. i love my flag you made, i still want to share it on my blog, must take photos soon!

Inger Marie said...

Ååå..so nice..this Christmas-ball is so wonderfull!..and an ide i like too copy:)
Greeting from Norway:))

Deb said...

thank you country gal! much safer than mistletoe when you have pets & young children ♥

Deb said...

hi Jane ~ thank you so much & I am so happy you are enjoying these little crafts :-) I know all about burnt fingers ... should have mentioned that I keep a dish of cold water nearby for dipping fingers!

Deb said...

hi lori ann ~ thank you so much! so happy you like your flag, made & sent with love ♥

Deb said...

hi Inger Marie ~ oh yes, I hope you do make one too ~ so easy and lots of fun ♥ love from Canada to you!

Monica said...

You know I, too, have a kissing ball with rosettes I made? Paper rosettes though :)
I think I didn't know you had a rocking horse :))))) we're definitely soul sisters, arent we :)

Deb said...

hi Monica ~ a kissing ball with paper rosettes sounds lovely. my rocking horse is an old carousel horse we found at an auction in the early 90's - he is really lovely ♥