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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Vintage Christmas ♥ Comfort & Joy #6 ...

Brown paper packages tied up with string ...
{yes these are a few of my favourite things} :-)
Here are the little gift bags I make each year.  Usually it's to hold an assortment of homemade  cookies to give as a hostess gift or for a friend to take home during the holidays after a visit.
This year, I decided to use them instead of wrapping paper for gifts that need to be mailed.
I like the idea of being able to re-use packaging & these little bags can be used once the gift is open to hold Christmas cards/gift tags etc ...
The spoon tags can be hung on your Christmas tree ~ just add a tiny hook to the back of the raffia.   I have a miniature tree in my kitchen and think an entire tree filled with demitasse spoons holding Christmas sentiments would be lovely ♥ 
to create a brown paper package gift bag
you will need:
~plain brown lunch bag
~paper doily
~ 4 photo sticker squares
~decorative tapes
~discarded book pages
~paper punch
~your choice of embellishments such as pom poms, ric rac, snowflakes, tiny bells
~Imitation Christmas sprig you can take apart for leaves, berries & cedar
You probably have most of these items already at home & could improvise for those you don't ...
Gather your supplies
 ~ I  start with the photograph I am going to use and then build the colour scheme around that.  A little splash of red is always lovely this time of year.
~Decide on how large you want the finished bag to be.  Fold the top of the bag over and cut to size.
~Layer your brown paper lunch bag with paper doily, favourite Christmas photograph,
add embellishments, and when you are happy with the arrangement, glue in place.
~Look through your discarded book pages for a quote to add that corresponds with your image & add.
~Punch a small hole in top fold of bag (to attach spoon to afterwards)
~To complete your gift package, create a small sprig with imitation leaves, berries & cedar and wrap around spoon with raffia (see yesterday's post) The spoon can then be used as a Christmas tree decoration later by adding a hook to the back of the raffia ribbon.
~Fill brown paper bag with homemade treats, or special gift of love & friendship
A little fabric pouch to hold an assortment of teas for a tea-loving friend.
Wrapped with a simple bow and spoon tag.
Have a wonderful day.
Tomorrow ~ we get our tree ♥


Monica said...

Oooh how simply beautiful!! The first thing I thought when saw the pictures was... and then you can hang the spoons on the tree! :)
So, so gorgeous, Deb. These are the things that warm my heart!

Starr White said...

How very lovely….I can see that Christmas is an art form in your house :))))

Julie Marie said...

Those are so adorable Deb!... these posts of yours are just fabulous... so much inspiration!... I am going to try to make some of the things you have shown... those spoons are so cute!... love love love that bunny!... xoxo Julie Marie

Country Gal said...

Such wonderful gift crafts you have done here , great idea ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

Deb said...

thank you Monica ~ I am all out of the demitasse spoons now :-) but will look for more.

Deb said...

thank you Starr ~ so kind of you ♥

Deb said...

thank you Julie Marie ~ I took that photo through the kitchen window of sweet bunny after a big snowfall. He was nibbling on fallen bird seed. We are lucky to have quite a few bunnies hop through our garden & have a corner of the yard where we put out carrot, lettuce and veg scraps, but they love the bird seed ♥

Deb said...

thank you for your visit country gal & lovely comments. enjoy your weekend ~ I think we may get some snow ♥

Lynda Naranjo said...

These are really lovely Deb! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity! xo