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Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Vintage Christmas ♥ Comfort & Joy #5 ...

When my children were younger & in school, at this time of year there would be lots of bake sales happening.  I would make up batches of cookies and tarts and gingerbread boys & girls  and iced  muffins covered in sugared sprinkles,  and spend the day selling them.  It was always so much fun seeing the joy & anticipation on the children's faces as they walked past trays upon trays of treats with their money and choosing what they wanted.
 One year, a teacher asked my daughter  if she could get a recipe from me or if it was a "family secret" and my daughter replied "Oh my Mum has a  secret ingredient ~ it is love" ♥
{I think we tell this story every Christmas} :-)

and I think of the story when I start my Holiday baking.
today  the kitchen smells very Christmasy with  gingerbread muffins
mini- one bite - mincemeat and jam tarts fresh out of the oven.

and I made some little spoon tags to attach to treat gift bags.
I have a jar of old silver spoons that I had originally planned to stamp, but set aside a few
for this idea :-)
to create a gift tag spoon
you will need :
discarded book pages

~read through your book looking for words to create a sentimental message
or simply a few words such as "dear friend"
~cut out words and place on spoon
~when you are happy with the look, add a touch of glue and press firmly on spoon
I'm not a big glitter fan, but if you are, you could add a touch of glue along the edges of the spoon and dip in glitter to add some sparkle ♥
Next post, I will show a little gift bag I've made using a plain paper lunch bag
with spoon tag attached.

a miniature sleigh is the perfect spoon rack
this time of year ♥

with gratitude
xo D


Monica said...

Oooh I loove these bigger images! ;) xoxoxo everything you share is so full of love and just makes me happy!
Thank you, dear Deb!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Deb... what a beautiful, heartwarming post!... I'll bet it smells just Heavenly in your home today!... everything sounds so yummy... and your "secret ingredient"... is my favorite... what a priceless Christmas story... I would retell it every year over and over again, it is sooo sweet... your spoon gift tags are adorable!... I am so enjoying your Christmas posts!... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie PS COLD doggie kisses to Archer from Tessy!...

Country Gal said...

So beautiful ! A spoonful of love hehe ! Wonderful post and photos ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

The Reed Warbler said...

A lovely post , but most of all a lovely story! Anita xo

Blondie's Journal said...

Deb...that was the most wonderful gesture of love coming from your daughter, it melts my heart! :)

I think your spoons are just fantastic. I have a few sets of old silver that I've bought here and there for bargains, some all in order and one that is a mismatched set that I love the most. This summer I am going to look for spoons that I can part with! lol! I love this idea! Oh...and a few old books!! Thank you for the idea!


Deb said...

thank you Monica ♥

Deb said...

hi Julie Marie ~ I just love the scents at Christmas time & when my family walks through the door after a morning/ afternoon baking session and will tell me it "smells like home" ♥ that's the best (and makes all those dishes worth it) :-}
love to you & Tessy xo

Deb said...

hi Country gal ~ yes, a spoonful of love all around ♥ thank you for stopping by.

Deb said...

thank you Anita ♥

Deb said...

hi Jane ~ I am surprised how easy it is to find these old spoons. The ones I used were already a bit mucky . I think someone had used them for crafting before as there was some sticky glue like residue on them, but they were just the right size for this idea.
Hope you enjoy making them ♥

Jeanne said...

Wonderful as always. Kiss the cook often and season everything with love. How beautiful are all your postings. Much love and many blessings Love Jeanne

Mereknits said...

I bet your home smells divine. You are such a lovely Mother to have baked fro all those sales. We are not allowed to bake, everything must be store bought. Love your spoon tags, brilliant idea.

Starr White said...

What a lovely, lovely post…I can almost smell the baking! Thank you for putting me in the Christmas spirit this morning :))

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ thank you so much ♥ I love your "kiss the cook & season everything with love " sentiment xo

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ thank you so much ♥ I love your "kiss the cook & season everything with love " sentiment xo

Deb said...

hi Meredith ~ thank you! times are different now I am sure ~ when my children were in school I sent baked goods in for all the holidays & fund raisers and a big frosty the snow man cake for the last day before Christmas break & at Easter I made a big vegetable patch garden cake with Peter Rabbit and miniature marzipan vegetable :-) but I always added a card listing ALL the ingredients just in case of allergies.

Deb said...

thank you so much Starr ~ your sweet comment made MY morning♥

Lynda said...

Your tarts and muffins look delicious, Deb! I like the "secret ingredient"! :) The spoon tag is cute - you always have such creative ideas!

Deb said...

hi Lynda ~ thank you! Archer thought they looked delicious too and stole a few off the dining room table. I caught him covered in powdered sugar with a muffin & candy cane in his mouth :-D