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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I smell snow xo

I was hoping for "just one more" snow fall and oh boy were my wishes granted!!
Once it started, it continued until everything was covered in a lovely thick blanket of white.
We made sure that all the feeders were filled to the brim, and that there were lots of little shelters carved out for all our garden friends xo
and then we enjoyed!
Prints left in the snow let us know that squirrels, lots of birds, and our garden bunnies had stopped by.
The Robins still visited :-D
We bundled up and took lots of lovely long snowy walks taking in every last little flake ...
and when we got home,
watched one of our favourite Gilmore Girl episodes ...Love and War and Snow
where Lorelai says a few  of my favourite snowy words ...
"Wait, close your eyes and breathe.
I smell snow"
"When it snows, I feel like it's a present just for me".
~I totally agree Lorelai ... I totally agree!


Chris said...

Would love to see some real snow here :-). Lovely pics!

Deb said...

thanks Chris ~ snow is all gone now {if I could, I would have made you a snowman and sent it to you in the post, with love} xo