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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

a lovely read
some of my woodland treasures on my table
receiving the most gorgeous, handmade gift ~ completely unexpected ~ from a kindred spirit ♥
I have met the loveliest people through my Etsy shop and when after receiving an order, someone is so pleased that they in return send you one of their handmade creations ... well ... words can not express how touched I was.
a Sparrow rug hooking
packs of tea & goodies
& the sweetest card.
Thank you so very much dear Jama xo
And when a Crow makes an appearance while in the midst of a new painting ... that little touch of magic just calls for him to be added ♥


June said...

I love the gifts you were sent Deb! When one sends out love, it always has a way of making it right back to us. I also wanted to tell you how much I love your color me cards. So lovely!
I haven't been in the studio for so long and I think it misses me. I know I miss it! I had such a rough summer and everything got stacked up in there, and just last week I was able to get some cleaning done in it so I could fit things from the house in there while I paint walls. I hope winter lasts this year, because I have so many things I want to make yet and when summer comes I don't do them because of tending garden. I think reading your last few posts has inspired me to use my time better than I have been.

much love...

Connie said...

Is there a sweeter flower than the daisy? I don't think so :)

sage and spirit said...

Your posts always make me smile. I am so glad January has been good to you.

Deb said...

hello June ~ thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely notes behind ... made my day ♥
oh yes ... your studio misses you ~ I hope you are able to spend some time creating xo I love Winter and always hope it lasts just a bit longer ... very mild here ... feels like Spring today (while I am wishing for snow). Happy February dear friend ♥

Deb said...

hi Connie (fellow daisy lover) ... I agree ...the sweetest little flower ♥ Thank you for your visit.

Deb said...

thank you Julie ♥
hope you are having a wonderful day.
Happy February xo

Alyssa Spring said...

Daisies...one of my favorites too ...those and peonies. :) I love the little deer :)

Deb said...

thank you for visiting Alyssa ♥

Julie Marie said...

This is all so beautiful Deb... love your mug rug!... I actually just got in touch with Jama and asked her if she had a fox mug rug... she immediately made one up for me to look at and it's on it's way now... love supporting nature lovers and their shops! (like you too!)... xoxo... Julie Marie

Deb said...

I spotted a fox mug rug on Jama's IG & told her it was my "new favourite" ... it must have been for you!! :-) You will absolutely love it ... she does incredible work & is such a nice person ♥ xo