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Monday, November 2, 2015

Loveliest Season of the Year ...

When the trees
their Summer splendor change
to raiment red and gold
When the Summer moon turns mellow
and the nights are getting cold
When the squirrels hide their acorns
and the Woodchucks disappear
Then we know that it is
Loveliest Season
~Carol L Riser~
~Happy November~


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Happy November to you too! Lovely post.

Jeanne said...

Happy November


Julie Marie said...

How I love your squirrels Deb!... Happy November, xoxo...

Deb said...

Hi Andrea ~ Thank you for stopping by ♥

Deb said...

Happy November Blessings to you too Jeanne ♥ Hope you are enjoying our amazing weather.

Deb said...

Happy November Julie Marie ~ we have some really pretty squirrels ... black, grey, even reddish. We have a lovely squirrel that has been at our suet basket lately that's black with a reddish tail ~ gorgeous ♥