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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer gathering ...

I've been walking around my garden and creating bouquets.
My handy gathering bag in one hand and secateurs in the other.
The yarrow and hydrangea have bloomed.
Yarrow, we found out many years ago is a wonderful mosquito deterrent , so we always keep a bouquet of yarrow near our outdoor dining table.  It also dries beautifully, so when it's time to put away the garden furniture at the end of the Season, I will use the dried Yarrow for Autumn wreaths.
I made my gathering bag years ago from an old shower curtain.  The grommets along the top were perfect for simply lacing some twine through.  For "handles" I used 2 branches (saved from a little Maple tree trimming my hubby had done in our front yard).
Of course ... I had to add a quote tag :-)
the branches are handy to hang from another nearby branch to hold the bag as you walk amongst the flowers
Our trumpet vine is in full bloom ...
I am on "hummingbird watch" :-)
the view from my Sparrow Studio where the trumpet vine is trying to reach the window from below!!
it's the perfect avocado pit rooting spot
they love this sunny space
one is more than ready to be potted up.
A few rose of Sharon ... a few Cosmos ... some Hydrangea leaves ... and some purple Clematis to make our lunch table pretty ♥
~Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails and new followers ~


Jeanne said...

Beautiful is everything you share.
Love Jeanne

HollyM said...

I always pick the yarrow and hydrangea for your drying . You're at least a month ahead of us here in northern NB Canada. Beautiful table!

Country Gal said...

All so very pretty ! Lovely photos ! I love walking through my gardens and watching all the nature being busy . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Jeanne said...

I am standing
on the dunes
in the heat of summer
and I am listening
to mockingbird again
who is tonguing
his embellishments
and, in the distance,
the shy
weed loving sparrow
who has but one
soft song
which he sings
again and again
and something
somewhere inside
my own unmusical self
begins humming:
thanks for the beauty of the world.
Thanks for my life.~Mary Oliver

Jeanne said...

Beautiful postings as always
Love Jeanne

Deb said...

thank you so much Jeanne xo

Deb said...

hello holly ~ thank you so much for stopping by. It's amazing how we are all on a different blooming time ~ I've been noticing lots of Hibiscus blooms on blogs/instagram feeds and we are still waiting on ours ... all worth the wait though ♥

Deb said...

hello Elaine ~ thank you! hope you and miggs are having a wonderful day ♥

Deb said...

dear Jeanne ~ oh that beautiful Mary Oliver quote ... thank you so much for sharing it with me ... I will jot it down for not only my quote book but also my inspiration board ... I love it so ♥

June said...

Deb, I love your pretty gathering bag! Isn't gathering a bouquet for the house a special time in one's garden? It always makes me grateful to have raised my own flowers to bring in and make the house pretty.
sending love...

Deb said...

hello june ~ I agree ... being able to go out and snip a few flowers for inside is perfect. I can see you creating a gathering bag :-)