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Monday, July 6, 2015

Cosmos calling ...

I remember the very first time I spotted a garden filled with Cosmos.
It was at the end of our Summer holidays,
 we had just finished lunch at a wonderful restaurant and took a stroll around the grounds
that surrounded it.
Amongst the blooms were dried pods of tall spikey seeds and I brushed my hand  along a few, and placed them carefully in a tissue to take home.
Once home, I opened up the tissue and released them to our garden, allowing them to land where they wished ♥
That was many, many years ago now, and each year, in the same patch that the first seeds were scattered, the Cosmos bloom.
And it is still my style of gardening, that I brush up against the spend Cosmos and release the seeds back into the garden.
I snip a few to enjoy inside our home, but leave most in the garden for the butterflies and bees.
Have a wonderful week
♥ d


Jeanne said...

Beautiful cosmos and I love all you share.

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ I just love the cosmos :-)
thank you for your visit ♥