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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday thoughts ...

Hello, hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!
All has settled outside after a full day of snow fall yesterday.  I watched all the lovely fluffy flakes fall past my window as I painted making for a restful, no need to rush kind of day. 
Apologies to all who left such lovely comments on my last post and Birthday greetings for my beautiful girl on her 30th!!
I clicked on Delete instead of Publish :-((  Have never done that before in 8 years of blogging.  First time for everything ! Tried to retrieve them, unsuccessfully ... not sure if that can be done. 
Have added a few new items to Vintage Sparrow Studio, my little Etsy shop.
"Sleep with the Earth" is #20 in my ©Women of the Woods Series.
Painted with my daughter in mind.  Kate has the most gorgeous long Auburn hair, so Sleep with the Earth was painted with thoughts of red twig dogwood.
I've offered two options with this print.
One plain, and the other, if you wish, is filled with all the things a Mother holds in her heart ~ "I Wish You" sentiments are written in white ink.
Honour Your Calling
~the bird's whispered in her ear ... Honour your calling~
This print has a foggy, misty feel, painted in rich, deep colours and embellished with white ink.
I've a few ideas for the perfect handmade frame to put the original in to hang above my studio altar ♥
and finally,
Valentine set of cards {4}
to send thoughts of love and friendship for February 14th ♥♥
Each card is also ideal for framing to create a small piece of artwork.


Country Gal said...

All so very lovely . Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Jeanne said...

All that you create is so lovely.
I love your blog and all your postings.
Blessings sweet friend

Seawashed Living said...

Your artwork is so lovely Deb. I am glad you are enjoying your shop!

Deb said...

thank you so much Elaine ~ hope you are having a wonderful weekend too ♥

Deb said...

you are always so kind Jeanne ~ thank you xo

Deb said...

Hi Kerrie ~ thank you ♥♥