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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Skiing small ...

Does anyone else absolutely LOVE anything in miniature?
My daughter is turning 30 {where did the time go?} and knowing how much she loves skiing and mice , I had a look through the internet for a mini mouse pattern.
Made a tiny green ski coat with sparkly green pompoms and added a knitted cowl.
Went through my box of bits and bobs and found two pieces of wood {no idea where they came from} :-D but they looked like skis to me.  Placed in the perfect "V" shape to represent the snow plow technique. Then I  added some toothpicks to her arms and little wooden beads for ski poles.
Sat her on a bed of snow with some sparkly snowflakes and a few mini trees & she is all ready to decorate the Birthday girl's table ♥


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