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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Word A Week Wednesday...

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer ...
filled was the air
with a dreamy
and the landscape lay as if
new created
in all the freshness of childhood
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~


Julie Marie said...

Beautiful... and yes, magical... xoxo Julie Marie

June said...

Pure magic Deb...your entire blog is! I loved your trumpet vine in the previous post. I can't seem to grow it here in my zone 3/4 garden. It will live for awhile and then after a hard Winter, it won't be back. I just love that vine.

Julie Harward said...

Good old Henry, he sure ha a way with the words, nice quote and picture! :D

PAT said...

Magical and gorgeous, Deb!

Ms. ~K said...

Beautiful Queen Anne's Lace...I see the little red flower/droplet of blood in the middle!
I have it all over my backyard.

Shelley said...

Such a lovely quote! Love the contrast of the butterfly on the queen anne's lace!

Porch Days said...

This picture is just perfect! I like your quote - appropriate.