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Friday, June 11, 2010

Reflections from the Garden...

The other day, while sitting on the deck having lunch, we heard lots of movement in the Flowering Pear tree. To our surprise, there were 3 Cedar Waxwings! The first time we spotted the Waxwings was in '08 in our neighbour's garden, but they had not visited ours before. We were thrilled to see them and they have been by constantly since eating berries.
The Yarrow are getting bigger and bigger each day but haven't turned yellow yet. We cut tons of stems each summer and place in galvanized pots around our deck as they are a fantastic mosquito repellent.

The hydrangea are getting bigger each day...
After taking off all the spent Peony blossoms, lots more buds appeared and it is still looking pretty.
The arbours are covered in Clematis...
The Bradford Pear is full of little berries attracting the Cardinals, Robins
and now the Cedar Waxwings :-)
Robin would like to have them all to herself!
We found this nest on our front lawn yesterday morning ...
it looked like a Robin's nest so I had a little peak in
to make sure that there was still a nest tucked in the trumpet vine
and thankfully there is ♥


Julie Marie said...

Hello Deb... your photos are stunning, as always... we have Cedar Waxwings here now too... I just love how they pass the berries from one to another until one of them finally eats it! Too cute!... xoxo Julie Marie

Ms. ~K said...

We don't usually see the Waxwings until winter...I saw Bohemian Waxwings in Alaska.
Happy weekend,
Kit and pups

Jeanne said...

How lovely