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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

Our Lilac bush is in bloom and the smell is intoxicating!
We have enjoyed it's beauty and scent for 20 years now & even though the blooms this year are sparse (only half bloomed) it is still beautiful.
Usually for the few weeks it is in bloom, I have enough blooms to bring indoors & place in vases.
Today, I couldn't resist and clipped off one lilac blossom & placed it in my favourite vase ( a rummage sale find) as I do this time every year .
And that one little bloom has brightened & scented the entire kitchen :-)
I want to have a little house

with sunlight on the floor.

A chimney with a rosy hearth

and lilacs by the door.

With windows looking east and west

and a crooked apple tree.

And room beside the garden fence

for hollyhocks to be!

~Byrd Turner~


Darlene said...

Morning Deb,

I bet your lilacs smell wonderful and they are gorgeous! I have thought about planting a lilac bush. My grandmother used to have one and it smelled so GOOD. Enjoy yours.♥

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Deb! I’m so happy you will be joining me for the Where Blogger’s Create party this year!
I think it’s going to be great fun and probably bigger than last year!
Jo is offering some great prizes isn’t she??? I’ll be in touch!!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

t does wool said...

your lilacs are so beautiful...I miss mine.
Planted a new one last year...but I'll have to wait forblooms as gorgeous as these.Happy Weekend

Ms. ~K said...

These photos are beautiful, I can almost smell the lilacs.
Hugs and belly rubs to Ernie,

Anonymous said...

love the close ups. beautiful photos.


xo Alison

Chris said...

Lovely post, Deb. It reminds me how lucky I am to have some of the wishes; the sunlight on the floor, the rosy hearth and the crooked apple tree :-). Loving your new blog, speak soon.

Naturegirl said...

Deb how beautiful those lilacs!One of my favortite blossoms and scents in early Spring!
My lilacs are in two locations..not yet in bloom but my daughter brought over a huge vase filled with branches with blossoms giving off their intoxicating scent!
Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day!