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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Word A Week Wednesday...

The happiest of all lives
is a busy solitude.
We are thrilled to see so many bumblebees in the garden! They seemed to arrive even earlier this Spring and sitting outside on the patio I can hear them buzzing as they weave in and out of the vines behind me. When I thought of today's "word" I thought of the bumblebee living in "busy" solitude :-)


Lynda said...

I admired this on Flickr and now I get to admire it again! Your nature shots are gorgeous ... you must have a lot of patience to capture them. Can I ask what camera and lens you're using? I'm in the market for a macro lens.

It's been really nice seeing all the bees and butterflies this spring!


Darlene said...

Beautiful shot!!!!

Julie Marie said...

Such a beautiful photograph! I love bumblebees and the busy little humm they make buzzing about in the garden... xoxo Julie Marie

Darlene said...

you have been busy dear girl...ponds, pots and planting...and time enough to catch the tail end of a bumble bee...Fabulous!

Deb {Posted From} Home said...

Thank you Lynda, Darlene, Julie Marie & Dar...
Lynda - I use a Nikon D50 which is actually my son's ... we bought it for him 4 or 5 years ago as a birthday gift - I really must get my own :-}
The macro lens (which I absolutely adore) was a birthday present from my husband - it's a Tamron 1:1 90 mm - because of a neck/nerve pain issue I have, the Nikon lenses were too heavy - the Tamron, while heavy is about half the weight. I'm having lots of fun learning & would love to get PhotoShop next so I can apply textures to my photos. Happy lens shopping ♥
Dar- I wish I could take the credit for all the work being done but have to give that to my hubby and sweet daughter who have done all the pond/pots & planting ... I DID however, take the bumble bee photo :-) xo

Lynda said...

Thanks for the info Deb! ♥