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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

for my ears

the sound of very happy hooves

I think someone may have been showing off :-)
for my eyes

taking in all the changes of the season ~ the colours and shapes and textures ... the unimaginable beauty of nature xx 

"Keep some room in your heart for the Unimaginable"

~Mary Oliver~
for my mouth

This is the red lentil soup I mentioned two posts back and it was so yummy that I made it again a few days later!  The recipe called for 2 Tbsps of tomato paste, so I used that as my "excuse" for making it again ... I mean, I couldn't let the paste go to waste :-D  Recipe is from two kooks in the kitchen - how fabulous is that name?! 

I love to bake and biscuits are one of my favourites . I could have used my new food processor for the biscuits, but there are some things I still like to do the "old fashioned way" and making biscuits is one of them. Wild blueberry cobbler.
for my feet

one of those "somewhere only we know" places - this spot holds so many wonderful memories. Wide open space to walk leash free, where there have been deer and owl spotting ~ bliss.
for my hands

always thankful for my connection with nature. A few peanuts in my pocket "just in case" a little chippy crosses paths with me ... I wouldn't want to disappoint.

"Release all energies and emotions that are not yours to carry" 

 for my soul

I came across an oldie of Archer with his shiny, jet black fur. We were in the backyard and he picked up one of the fallen honeysuckle leaves and brought it to me. Yes, he's my dog!!

happy Thursday

d xx


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I would have to keep that leaf if Archer gave it to me. What a sweetie.

Deb said...

hi Lisa ~ thank you! Archer is certainly quirky - he doesn't catch a ball or play with any toys so when he picked up the leaf to bring to me, it was pretty special!
Have a wonderful weekend!