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Friday, January 27, 2017

Paper Roses ...

It is trying so hard to snow today.
The Red Cardinals were sitting quietly, feathers fluffed, waiting for the feeders to be filled.
That was the first thing on my agenda this morning. Feeders and suet baskets refilled.
I've been watching the snow flakes dance about outside my window and hoping enough of them will land. So far they are disappearing as fast as they fall.
A pretty pot of daisies sits on my kitchen table.
beeswax candles burning ...
fresh cup of tea made ...
thinking of Valentine's day ...
making some pretty wrapping paper,
cards & envelopes {like these}
all you need to make your own is :
acrylic paint
brown craft wrapping paper
celery core {yes ... celery core} :-)
Cut the stalks of celery from the core.
Blot core on tea towel to remove excess moisture.
Pour a small amount of white acrylic paint on to plate {you can thin with a bit of water if you want}
Dip core into white acrylic paint and stamp paper randomly.
create envelopes, cards, gift tags and paper
Hope you are having a wonderful Friday ♥

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