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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thankful {things I love} Thursday ...

I love the theatre.
 This afternoon we had the absolute joy of watching Angela Lansbury star in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit at the beautiful Princess of Wales Theatre.
I've been a huge fan of Angela Lansbury for many years. Murder She Wrote was a favourite show of mine {1984-1996}. Jessica Fletcher was a mystery writer who played amateur sleuth on the side. I loved everything about the show from her gorgeous home, the town and her adorable bike with basket which was just like mine :-)
Playing along side Ms Lansbury was Charles Edwards also known for his role as Michael Gregson,  Lady Edith's publisher/love on Downton Abbey!
A wonderful, funny story, incredible cast ... standing ovation was much deserved.


Jeanne said...

I am so glad you had this opportunity.
Love Jeanne

Happy Valentine's Day weekend♥

Mereknits said...

I sure it was so amazing to see her live on stage.

Julie Marie said...

How exciting for you Deb!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Deb said...

hello Jeanne ~ oh yes, I did not want to miss the opportunity to see Angela Lansbury live on stage! I have been such a fan and she was incredible in this role.
Happy Valentine's to you too xo

Deb said...

hi Meredith - it was wonderful and she received a huge applause upon entrance to the stage which was lovely!

Deb said...

hello Julie marie ~ thank you ♥ such a treat.

June said...

How wonderful for you Deb! I loved Murder She Wrote too. I still watch the reruns whenever I can. She has had such a long and successful career because she is so talented and can do it all so well.
I hope all is well for you Deb, you are in my thoughts so much. Every time I look at my beautiful love flag, so that's a lot :)))
much love...

Deb said...

dear June ~ I still watch the reruns too ... always loved Cabot Cove :-) Thank you so much for your lovely comment ~ you are in my thoughts too xo