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Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday musings ...

After seeing how many blooms were on our peony bushes this morning,
I felt they were giving me permission to clip a few to enjoy indoors
at this time of year I love being able to rely on my own little English Country garden to supply posies for indoors & brought out a few vases to fill for the kitchen, family room, living room and studio ♥

which is where my next "to do" item was on my list ... upstairs to the studio.
I have had quite a few projects going on at once recently (completed now I am happy to say)
 which resulted in creating a bit of a mumbled mess!
things began to look much better in no time.
But of course, as I was going through beads and trinkets I started thinking of new ways to incorporate them :-)
I purchase brown paper shipping paper by the rolls - I love using it for tons of purposes, one of my favourite being covering my art table.
It feels lovely and fresh when I pull the roll down to cover the table.
Perfect for jotting down ideas as I sit and paint and/or craft... because that is when more often than not the ideas come :-)
that, and I am such a doodler!
It is so economical and makes clean up a breeze.
When it's time to change the paper up, I like to have a look at all that's jotted down ... all the little sketches and thoughts, splatters of paint ... all that's happened in Sparrow Studio ♥
working on some exciting projects ...
must remember my own words


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Excellent idea about the paper covering your work area. I often purchase CHEAP plastic tablecloths so my waterry mess doesn't soak through to the table. I might try your style sometime soon. It sounds like lots more fun.

La Table De Nana said...

Love your doodles!!
They are far more than doodles:)

Deb said...

hello lisa ~ so nice to see you have visited today ♥ will stop by to see you soon.

Deb said...

thank you Monique ♥ you can tell this is a fresh sheet of paper :-)

June said...

What a great idea to cover your table and make it your canvas of ideas. You would think of that my friend! I sure wish I could doodle like you :))))
much love...

Julie Marie said...

What a fantastic idea Deb!... I love it!... and I also love seeing all of your doodling and sketches... do you save the brown paper afterwards?... I would!... can't wait to hear all of your exciting projects you are sharing soon... so much fun to visit here always!... and your Peonies are just stunning!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jeanne said...

Beautiful postings as always
Much love

Lynda said...

I love this time of year when I can rely on the garden to fill my home with flowers! Your peonies are lovely, Deb! Pick what you can before the rain destroys them. xo

Deb said...

thank you june :-)

Deb said...

hello Julie marie ~ once upon a time I saved EVERYTHING ... but the studio is only so big :-)
wild weather today with rain and heavy winds ~ not sure what the peony will look like tomorrow.

Deb said...

thank you Jeanne ♥

Deb said...

hi Lynda ~ wondering what the garden will look like in the morning after the wind and rain ... already wishing I had picked more earlier in the day!

prairiegirl said...

Your posts are always bright and cheery. Full of new and wonderful ideas and this and that!
Your creations are so inspiring. Keep doodling!!

Deb said...

thank you lynn ♥