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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tasha Tudor Day ♥...

Joyfully remembering & celebrating the life and art of Tasha Tudor today
 on what would have been her 98th Birthday.
Tasha's  family continues her legacy through their lovely blog Rookery Ramblings
 {and wonderful newsletter}
 where they are celebrating today with a giveaway { a rose plant from the Tudor family garden in Vermont }
painting joy
I feel a kinship with Tasha ~
her style
love of Nature & Home
sitting with my watercolours
{I went looking through my art cupboard and found 2 old paintings I had done from the 90's}
growing up in England & Canada, we had a rabbitry in the garden, so a little bunny here and there in a picture feels right at home ♥
gathering joy
keeping the company of blossoms
be  it on watercolour paper
or woodland walks ...
taking joy
 in the "little things"
here is the newest member of our garden :-)
we call him blue and he will sit in the lilac bush next to our kitchen window
and squawk letting us know the almonds are gone
and he is still hungry!
we sat on the deck enjoying a cup of tea watching blue fly back and forth until all the almonds were gone & he was content.
tasting joy
in our vegetable garden
 not worried about all the tomatoes turning, as they will be turned into green tomato chutney
I cherish
 read joy
in my ever growing collection of Tasha Tudor books.
 & love the quote in "Tasha Tudors Garden"  by Tovah Martin
"Her hands
are always busy
and her head
is forever filled
with dreams"
~Happy Tasha Tudor Day~


Julie Marie said...

Hello Deb... and Happy Birthday to Tasha!... I too adore her!... you have such a nice collection of her books... I have her cookbook and love it... I also love your little Wade figurine in the first photo... I too feel a special kinship with Tasha...I think all Nature lovers feel this way... love your paintings with the precious little bunnies... and Blue is precious!... my jays, we call them the "B~boys" (for Bluejays) send hellos from the U.S.!... green tomato chutney sounds delish, I love chutneys... wishing you a blissful day... it sounds like you are having one!... xoxo Julie Marie Hello Archer... xoxo Tessy

Anonymous said...

A delightful day to celebrate...and I love blue letting you know the almonds are gone and he's still hungry!

Country Gal said...

I have never heard of this Tasha Tudor . Lovely post and photos though ! I will have to have a peek at Rookery Ramblings . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Lori ann said...

i did not know there was a tasha tudor day! i love her and have a collection of her books as well deb! and blue is so lovely!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a lovely tribute to Tasha Tudor...I didn't know there was a day in her honor! I'm going to go visit the link to this website.

Is your little blue guy a Blue Jay? He's darling and I'm sure, a joy to watch every day!