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Monday, July 29, 2013

Prayer Flag Tutorial & Giveaway ...

I listen to the wind,
the wind
of my soul
~Cat Stevens~
I received a few e-mails asking me how I created my prayer flags
and since they are so much fun to create, so easy,
and so lovely to look at in the garden,
I thought I would show you how I make mine here today.
Each flag takes very little fabric & is the perfect way to use up scraps of fabric
and bits and pieces of lace and trim which is perfect for me since I have trouble throwing away ANYTHING.
I keep all my small pieces of fabric in a vintage picnic basket.
Because I am using up scraps, each flag may vary slightly in size ...
I try to keep them approx. 5" wide by 11" long.  You will be turning over a top hem of 3", so your actual flag will be 5" x 8".  I've made a template using the stiff cardboard from the back of a Watercolour pad { told you ... can't throw away ANYTHING } :-D
You could use anything you have on hand ... cereal boxes work great too ... the sturdier the better as you will want to use it over and over.
Now the fun part...
lay out your fabric, buttons, ribbon,
anything you want to adorn your flag.
Start by turning over the top hem and stitching in place.
Play around with the placement & when you are happy with the way everything looks
you can begin to stitch in place, either by hand or machine. 
I keep my buttons and trinkets and beads
 stored in this vintage tin.
A garage sale treasure with the sweetest little vignettes all around the sides.
You can write a favourite quote on your fabric ...
or message to be sent out to the Universe ♥
This is the perfect way to give new life to broken bits of jewelry ...
like this tarnished heart from a charm bracelet ...
topped with the tiniest little bow
I like to add streamers to the bottom ...
they look so pretty on a windy day ...
and make a small knot in the bottom of lace to hold beads in place.
Sea shells also look pretty & are a wonderful keepsake from Summertime vacations.
Stamps are also a great way to add a message ...
Sometimes I like to watercolour my flags ...
Muslin works especially well for this...
your only limitation is imagination ♥
Remember to sign and date each flag on the back when you are finished.
I have flags hanging outside on my windows - this seems to be the best spot for flags like the water coloured ones that wouldn't hold up well to the rain.
I just attach a small suction cup, run a branch through the top seam of the flag, and tie twine to either end of the branch to form a hanger ♥
You could run ribbon through a grouping of flags, or find a large branch to hang them on.
I am partial to branches & find the pussy willow branches in our yard work perfectly - just the right diameter.
I hope you add making a prayer flag to your Summer Wish List ~ but in the meantime,
if you would like one of mine  ...
leave me a message here
and I will pick a name on August 1st ♥


libbyquilter said...

so interesting to read another person's process. thank you for sharing.

a great tutorial. i would love to win a prayer flag in your give-away and would happily make you one in return.

i'm currently working on a set (i do mine in pairs and keep one that is similar to the one I've sent.) for my mom who has recently lost her husband.


Lori ann said...

oh my goodness would i! i am going to try all your sweet suggestions deb, i really love your prayer flags.

thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway. :)

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and I love your prayer flags...........
Love Jeanne

Julie Marie said...

Oh Deb, I am so excited to try to make mine!... yours are just beautiful!... I am like you, I save everything!... tiny bits of yarn, fabric, broken jewelry... thanks for showing us how to make these!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Would LOVE to be entered to win one of yours!

Mereknits said...

You are so talented my friend,
Hugs to you,

Alisa Noble said...

I just love prayer flags and they are great for using up those tiny bits of scraps.

Unknown said...

This is great! Love the flags. So happy to find your blog.