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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful {things I love} Thursday...

~From our August Garden~
 The Hibiscus is in bloom ♥
Huge dinner plate sized blossoms.
 We have LOTS of Yarrow growing in our garden & cut a few bunches to keep near the doors
and by our outdoor table ~ we've found them to be a fantastic all natural mosquito repellent (and they look pretty too) :-) Next month, I'll make Yarrow/Grapevine wreaths for the garden gates.
 We've had more birds & butterflies in our garden this Summer than any other.
In my Garden Wish Journal I have photos from an old Country Living magazine of a  big, lovely birdhouse that hubby has promised to make :-D
pure joy & sweetness ♥
who celebrates his 3rd Birthday next week... but looks like such a puppy sometimes.
~Happy August~


Monica said...

Oh sweet Archer!!!!!!! How adorable you are!!!

Jeanne said...

Love all you share.
Happy August my friend.
Love and hugs

Lori ann said...

i love the color of that yarrow deb, it's so warm and sunny. happy birthday to your sweet pup.

Barb said...

This is a wonderful list! I love yarrow as well!

Kelly said...

Look at that sweet boy...:) He is a treasure. Who new about yarrow? Well, of course you :) I've thought of planting some around the newly dug out garden area next year...

Q said...

Yarrow is an amazing herb!
Yours is beautiful. I am so happy the butterflies are finding sweet nectar in your gardens.
Our drought continues....day 73!
Too hot and dry for yarrow this year. Hopefully mine will return next year.
Archer is lovely...blessings to you and yours.