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Friday, April 6, 2012

52 Friday...

April hath put a spirit
of youth
in everything
~William Shakespeare~
 We've filled our urns with  pansies, wrapped them in grapevine and tucked in pussy willow stems where ever we can :-)
 spotted  signs of new LIFE...
  everywhere we looked ...


Mereknits said...

Beautiful, I love pussy willows. Have a great weekend,

Ms. ~K said...

Happy Easter Weekend to you!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are so lucky to have "Easter" flowers yet. Here it has been so hot that the Easter flowers have come and gone. Such a weird spring. Lovin' every minute of it though. Have a happy Easter.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hello and tell you I enjoyed seeing the pretty spring flowers. The bright yellow color could brighten up even a cloudy day. Your dog with the amber eyes is very sweet looking and pretty. I have 2 doxies, I long coat chihuahua, and 1 poodle. I love my pets as I can tell you do, too. Have a wonderful weekend. ----------- Shannon

Kelly said...

Hope you had a lovely Easter, Deb. I bet it was fun with your new grandson. xo